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We Customize Your Remote
Sales Process to Gain High Net Worth Clients
So You Can Grow & Profit Faster

Not The Cheapest. Not The Most Widely Known. Simply The Best!

Since 2011 this training has focused on gaining and retaining
High Net Worth clients because they are a market size in excess of 
20 million people and growing.  + High value & low maintenance!

Plus the market is under-served at a level which is 
Ripe With Opportunity If You Have The Know How!

We're excited that our sales processes remain location 
independent and delivers superior ROI for less work.

Learn Profitable Precision Prospecting 
Selling Low Volume Higher Ticket Business

New Directory Of Campaign

Targets.  Profitable Niches & 

Subniches Listed

Learn The Art Of Less Clients And Bigger Deals

Become A "Deal-Maker" Instead Of A Pesky Salesperson

Learn How To Stack HNWI Sales By Mastering These Personality Types

Learn An Aggressive Remote Strategy Which Is Responsible For Over 100 Million In Global Sales

The "Financial Loss" Model & The Exclusive Campaign

Model Amplify Your Profits 

Find Out How!

How To Convert 70-80% Of Your High net worth Prospects Into Sales

Caffeine, Sugar Free Red Bull & Breakthrough Success Secrets

Amplify Conversion Optics To Gain More Clients

Establishing Brand Expertise to grow your agency

Plus Webinars, Postcards, Faxes, FB Ads Etc


The Last Training You'll Ever Need Because You'll Have Active Resources,

Custom-Fit Expert Advice, And Private Sessions At Your Fingertips

Private Membersite Dashboard

Executive Learning Home Study Course Business In A Box

Private Sessions: Your Questions Answered Directly by David. We Don't Do Tickets.

You Will Learn How To Create This For Yourself

VIP Private Sessions & 1-on1- Laser Consulting To Help You Achieve More Faster

The STA Library is changing all the time with new updates, the latest and most profit rich under-the-radar tactics, and exclusive member only spoon fed income producing content & resources. 

To the left panel you can see a current (as of January 2020) core course library scene.


Easy navigation with ability to check lessons off when completed to easily monitor progress

Built in ability to replay, accelerate or pause video lessons to take notes

Audio Mp3 versions of all videos for easy on-the-go listening and reinforcement

your  training 

also includes Comprehensive verbatim transcripts

Numerous downloadable tools as companion training.  ​Includes worksheets, swipe files, templates, legal forms, custom tutorial video guides and more. 

Private Sessions With David™ Will Reveal The Best Way For You To Laser Target & Remotely Sell To The High Net Worth Individual Market Based On Your Situation So You Can Earn Top Dollar & Be Among The Online Earning Elite!

 A Note from our Founder

The Course Library is not overwhelming because we don't do fluff. 

Over 30 FAT free video guides which contain primer lessons chronicling the mental inner 

workings of the course creator.  Video lessons are in fact a collection of mental swipes which 

encompass the evolution of a one man agency, turned 3 man agency, turned 6 figure per month 

agency within roughly 24 months.

But we don't just leave you to figure it out on your

own if you're stuck.  We provide Customized Tactical Grown Hacks (CTGH™)

which supports advanced profit outcomes, the details remain unpublished and reserved

exclusively for trainee members.

Spanning a body of work which began with my first training course from 2011 which

sold for $10,000 at the top level.  

This course delivers a proven replicatable system for

remote laser targeted High Net Worth SEO & Digital Agency sales conversion mastery. 

Trainees receive customized video coaching based on your specific needs through

your direct Private Sessions with me David Gaddi.  A multi-channel remote 7 figure online income

earner and creator of this training platform, here to help you succeed at a well above average level.

North America - South America - Asia - Australia - Europe - Africa

Thanks David: Kevin

​Who Should Enroll Now?

At the macro level any SEO or Digital Agency Boss in business for 5 to 10 years and is not taking home at least $250,000 per year rain or shine​ from a high net worth client sales channel

Micro Level Below

SEO Service Providers / Agency Owner

As an SEO, you already know what a hard-labor road it is to make steady decent money. And the hunt to start and thrive is a minefield of conflicting advice, opinions and over-hyped or oversaturated products and services. 

Inside STA™, wheather you're an SEO,  local marketing agency owner or head of business dev seeking growth or proven new profit strategies targeting the mass affluent market, we work with you to focus on the shortest possible path to profits based on what you've accomplished, where you are now,  and where you aspire to be ECONOMICALLY.    If you're smart and open minded We WILL get there.

​Pre Revenue Agencies /
​Good Clay ​

​Clearly some of the best profit results I've cheerfully observed from trainees executing my advice since I began consulting and training, are from Pre Revenue start ups.  I'm very pleased about that, and I'm very opinionated about why that is. In two plain words "Good Clay".  

​It's amazing how much you can earn if you don't develop bad habits, pay close attention to the advice from someone who's been-there-done-that,  and avoid following the herds in the industry..    ​

Media Entrepreneurs / With Sales Teams

Historically our Media entrepreneur members are often people who have gained a level of sufficient financial success in the online marketing community.  

​Typically Media Entrepreneurs have more money than time and ​they simply seek proven monetary projects targeting the mass affluent market. Projects which are fully or partially managed and delivers high ROI and limited participation within domestic or foreign markets. ​

​Thanks David...Keith S