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David Gaddi About Me Page Getting HNWI Clients to Buy Long before they pay

Hey, I'm David...

These 4 Questions Below are Emotional Snippets from Our Trainees throughout the years.

David Gaddi's trainee snippest through the years

you’ve now landed on the page where most trainers, consultants or educators usually display their pearly whites,  their favorite social media stars,
a laundry list of their achievements.  

Paired with pictures featuring humble-brag moments at high profile industry events flanked by their students and all that stuff. 

It's also possible, they display flashy loads of bling bling earned from their digital lifestyle. Great!

That approach is popular, entertaining and effective.

So here’s my story compressed for speed. You can basically filter my entire approach to training to 3 simple observations:

  • 1-Strict distance learning to make money online has the shortest meaningful impact for successful profit making results.  Why?

    Because most people have the attention span of a gnat and will never succeed at the highest levels,  because they lack optimal focus and self discipline. 

  • I've been there before and I learned through trial and error how to build my own 7 figure agency within roughly 24 months.

    Sharp changes in my life were required.

    I suffered, and I made big sacrifices just like you probably have.

    I know exactly how the grinding frustration of not achieving your goals feels.

  • 2-Isolated distance learning and membersite "Info dumps" absent a meaningful relationship with the head trainer has medium success impact.

  • That's why people pay  big bucks for  Masterminds-Bootcamps- InnerCircles -Private Workshops -Coaching and all that stuff. 

    Great for people who are rigidly self-motivated, focused and know how to execute.  A strict minority of doers.

   3-1-on-1 Personal Tutoring by   a proven remote location
   7 figure earner, supported by high quality physical training

Direct support by the boss, and not a random chat bot or
outsourced customer service agent. 

Add to thid, the top rated online learning management system.

These are the life changing key components that can surge and     sustain profits.

With over 900 Documented Training Sessions encompassing

every distinct personality type.  During a 9 year period.  

these observations govern my actions.

Thanks David...Keith S


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