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The contents within the The Ultimate Cold Email Subject Headline Swipe File For Big Ticket Remote Sales can be used as a validated

resource guide for selling a broad spectrum of products and services via cold email campaigns.  It is in no way limited to the Crown Strategy™

method of selling high ticket deals to affluent markets.  

Though obviously it does support the Crown Strategy™ method of selling and is branded accordingly.  

In fact many trainees have used this guide and continue to use this guide as a template to rake in a steady portfolio of $2,000, $3,000,

$5,000+ per month client deals without fail for their business building.

Why?  because if a key component of your business model requires remote cold contact with targeted prospects, you have ZERO shot

of producing a sale if your email is not opened.  That means you won't be in business long and you'll join the 90% business failure rate.  Undesirable.

Great relationships start with 

email and all roads lead to email.  Components of this guide are also Trusted by the brands below which I had the 

pleasure of creating, co-developing and piloting Best of & Top list media campaigns for.

Prosper and be intelligent with this guide because it's contents paired with creative thinking and high level

campaigns remainsa key ingredient for one of the ways that my mentor taught me how

to get rich remotely and quietly online.  

When I met my mentor and started working with him side by side for a little over a year,

by many published accounts his net worth eclipsed $80 million, and under the age of 40  at the time.  

I created this Swipe File for doers.  ​It's an extremely elastic swipe file which you will soon discover.

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"The best natural antidepressant is a quiet 6 figure per month autopay income enabled by skill and technology" David Gaddi

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