Activating Your Perfect Plan B

Your Guide to ensure that your SEO or Digital Agency thrives
no matter how many pandas, penguins, and hummingibrds

Mr. Google releases from the zoo

As Promised to you and straight to the po!nt


Below is the new Simple 6-step system [step 7=Curated Cross Sell Bonus Drip*]

 currently being used by a smart tight network of SEO / Digital Ad Agencies 

to seize and build residual income portfolios of 6 figure CLIENTS.  

We Focus on the Mass Affluent Market & we
urge our trainees & Partners to do the same.  
Why?  Because that's where the High Ticket
Low Maintenance Client Cash flow is!

The Market is evergreen & Covers over 100 Business
Categories and 5 major Industries

MedicalLegal - Real Estate - HospitalityFinance

You can Learn today exactly what's working

for us and our remote teams & join our private global 

Network So You Can  Grab Your New Slice of

this multi Billion Dollar Industry

If you sell $500 to $3,000 per month digital agency deals and you have a track record of success with remote inside SEO and Digital Agency sales.. 

Learning how to master the Best of and Top list method of selling can be the smartest and most profitable tweak that you make for your agency & bank account.

It takes about 1 hour to learn the basics because we don't believe in fluff and wasting time.

The imporant thing to know is this ..
Smart Agency Bosses who follow this New system can add an extra
$10,000 to $30,000+ per seat per month

to their businesses!

The surgeon diagram above is the solution for Boring

offers seen heaps of times by gatekeepers and prospects.  

Consider this Mini case study below Plus an open Secret

 hidden in plain sight  

Below is the outcome of my new system at work:

A $12,000 per month client deal and the sales 
conversion efficiency records revealed on the right.


Typically we're dealing with a minimum of 20% on the front end media sale. (the example below $28,800 commission on a deal that took less than 2 weeks to close)

Then 20% commission on the Curated Cross Sell which occurs within 3 to 6 months of these calendared media campaigns which intelligently blends Print & Digital!  

Cross Sell offers range in price $10,000 to $50,000+

These are FACTS and Not FLUFF.

 A section will

soon emerge which reads 

CUT to The Chase because I'm not a huge fan of super long sales pages. 

Just long enough to attract

the right people into my inner circle.


Open Secret Hidden 

in Plain Sight

The fastest way to comfortably pay yourself a high 6 figure salary as an SEO or Digital Agency Boss is to sell 

and convert 6 figure deals!  I can teach You that.

And if your brand is not

properly aligned with that message and if you don't have products or services which are deserving of 6 figure pricing then you are simply one of over 100,000 (and growing) digital marketers operating in an extremely crowded atmosphere.

 without the gears to bypass the herds.

And you will probably spend years in constant frustration

trying to hit the $250,000 to $350,000 comfort zone income range that most entrepreneurs aspire to.  

Yet according to published accounts 85% of Entrepreneurs make less than $200,000 per year.  

I rubbed it in for those who are in this for the business $$ money side, and not the extended pitch side.

David Gaddi -Avatar-Author- The Beginner's Guide to Cashing in on Local Business SEO /SEM Vol. 1  

"So how exactly do you remotely and quietly earn and grow at the $250,000 to $300,000 per year levels?

And in a way where you're NOT a slave to your computer or your agency.   You don't have to Rank to Bank!  You need to be smart enough to execute this Proven, Unsaturated, Remote High Ticket Sales System!

You can outsource key elements of your business and You NEVER have to worry about Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds

or any other zoo animals that you have ZERO control over!



Pay Attention Because this is the Real Deal Way to quietly Earn Big In SEO & Digital While Your Competing Agencies Are Chasing Nickel & Dime Clients in Crowded low margin

high maintenance Markets!

It's a Simple Yet Curated 3 Step Process that I taught Travel & Leisure Magazine, USA Today & Other Niche Publishers How to do

Years ago in order to consolidate print & digital ad inventories to focus on VIP ad sales clients who preferred to have their ads blended into content as much as possible.

Step 1- 

Partner your specialist inside sales team with a magazine, biz journal, or industry paper, thousands exist.  If you have the know how and guidance from our system, you can earn $150,000 -$200,000+ with ONE print partner.    

They have enough remnant AKA "Unsold ad space" that you can pick up for FREE (if you take the right approach)

Resell to your clients based on the next step 2. 

Step 2-

Create a new, limited participation, Top List, or Best of series targeting high net worth professionals within a certain professional category and radius.  

Frame the narrative of the feature correctly so that it's relevant to your target audience and sexy enough to attract high level ad dollars from clients.  

There are three proven ad unit combos and pricing structures which work.


Step 3-

With smarts or by using our system, elegantly blend the best components of the print spectrum with what you know from SEO & Digital marketing to create a blended Best of or Top List offer and statement of work for your client.   

Create the offer as a calendared 360 degree media brand extention tool covering all media formats then drip schedule SEO & digital marketing deliverables during the course of the print contract phase as companion coverage.  Repeat.


If you pay attention to what I show you, you could be

experiencing better days after a 4 day work week collecting 20%+ 

recurring profits on deals that look like this....

What You Get!

6 Fat Free Video Execution Courses that 

will reveal to you step by step how 

You can add an extra $10,000 to $30,000+

Per seat Per month + Residuals to Your SEO & Digital 

Agency By Enabling the Powerful Yet 


VIDEO Lesson #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals. 13 minutes 28 seconds

-I'll teach you how to quickly lay the foundation to attract $6,000 to $12,000 per month clients at 20% + commission recurring paid to you monthly.  

This location independent email-friendly business plan is so easy to enable it will spook all  the shady, chest-beating gurus with all their funnel complexities and pointless soap opera length sales nurturing sequences.

VIDEO Lesson #2 Client Prospecting Mastery. 06 minutes 26 seconds

You will quickly learn how you can easily use FREE and alternative platforms to gain YOUR BEST FREE SUPERSTAR leads for your prime-ticket sales conversions.

No need for FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.  Leave those areas for the herds.   This entire business celebrates Quality not quantity.  I can Assure YOU that Your Cash Flow Will Thank You!

Plus beyond the video and under-the-radar via email, I'll show you a powerful strategic hunting strategy that can help you bag $8,000 to $12,000 in commissions within the first 30 days of activating your first campaign.  

VIDEO Lesson #3  Campaign Positioning Mastery 06 minutes 15 seconds

In this video, you'll discover our exact campaign positioning strategy which can be applied to a broad spectrum of media and niches.

Plus you will quickly learn how to gain repeated success and avoid failure while creating Best of & Top List World Class campaigns for high net worth profesional clients.

Because it's been proven that once you've mastered one you've mastered all 3.

VIDEO Lesson #4 Exact Email subject Formula Mastery. 7 minutes 51 seconds 

In this video you instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities throughout a WIDE radius of categories, plus leverage high ticket influence within your email Subject headline to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates.

Like many other techniques, this is a technique vulnerable to abuse from spammers.   But I'll show you how to do it and encourage you to activate this powerful technique in ways that are 100% congruent with your offer, not in a gimmicky or spammy way, and that makes ALL the difference & it's called Strategy!

All meaningful roads to remote hight ticket sales lead to EMAIL!


VIDEO #5  Exact Cold Email Opener Script Process Mastery.  05 minutes 42 seconds!

Attention spans are at an all time low

But If you ignore the sea of distractions and focus on mastering this core 1 hour training bundle.  Paired with lessson 4, this lesson enables a powerful new and steady income producing FIX to most money problems.

Also This lesson paired with lesson 6 below will transform you into an under-the-radar global email income expert.

VIDEO Lesson #6   Global Brands, Celebrity &VIP Sales Conversion Mastery. 23 minutes 31 seconds

In this final video, you'll learn how to put it all together.

In this eye opening video, I'll walk you through the campaign elements which routinely attract prime-ticket clients who pay top dollar for your exclusive new Best of & Top list 360-degree media service.  

You will learn step-by-step what to say and how to instantly convert an $8k-$12,000 per month prime-ticket client who attempts to "negotiate" for a lower monthly rate. 

This lesson is an epic reveal specifically created for high net worth professionals because the conversion psychology is central to their values and personality types.  

Mastering 1 simple short sentence that I hand you on a silver platter could be the difference between No Sale vs a Sale that can slam $9,600 in commissions into your pockets from a $4,000 per month campaign sale, or slam $57,600 commissions into your day from a $288,000 campaign sale.

​​This training module is support by My Personal Help via private workshops and covers Prime Ticket money making email marketing strategies which are extraordinarily effective and have never been published.

Ok, so you now have the course details,

but here's 

a very specific leak. If you're an SEO or 

Digital agency boss
you've been told for over a decade now that

Print is DEAD right!

Afterall we're all digital marketers and we know this because 

our very existance is PROOF that print is dead.

Here are the facts You Might Be Unaware of

High Demand Low Competition!

Big Profit Margins

High net worth professionals invest in these Best of & Top List  campaigns because overwhelmingly they are premium level service providers with discerning customers within hyper-competitive markets.

Most rely on actual telephone calls to produce the best business continuity, the best referrals and highest paying customers who possess high ticket high margin lifetime customer value.   

Email is useful but it's not the ONLY force in finalizing high ticket high value customer conversion cycles. High demand Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants rely on people who pick up the phone to call in order to confirm their business. 


And I'll circle back to the element within this field above indicating that PHONE CALLS FROM PRINT ADS have an average Conversion rate of 40%!

That's a BIG deal considering that digital marketing campaigns typically experience a 1-3 % response rate!  

So what happens when you strategically combine agenda driven Print & Digital using the Best of and Top List method of marketing.

Then compound that framing with other proprietary strategies indexed within unpublished members only Cross Sell products as your new sales channel for high net worth professionals?  

A geniune ROI game changer that most in this industry are clueless about. 

And because SEO, and Digital marketing play a huge companion role within all the calendared moving parts which compliments print editions, this creates a high value premium offer which is irresistable to a large segment of the mass affluent market.

These are media assets deserving of higher than average ad dollars spent by the client.  

In fact, with this HNWI sales model -- you'll only need 5-7 easy sales to build a new sales channel for your agency that makes over $100,000/year in profits.  

All insertion orders and sales efficiencies displayed on this page come from trainees of this course who learned and executed the exact same sales formula taught within this course.

...and then once you gain more confidence, savvy, and activate more techniques and related resources you can quickly scale it up from $100K to $200K to $300K -- and beyond.

The organizing principle of this entire high net worth professional sales process is to gain and retain a lean yet valuable satisfied client portfolio.

Recurring Monthly Income

The average deal payout hovers between 20% to 25% commission on the total deal amount.  In the hypothetical example deal above the $28,800 profit to the business owner represents a 20% payout on a $144,000 or $12,000 per month annual contract. 

Because this deal is an installment deal and typically paid on a monthly basis, your payout triggers after the client pays their invoice and this is typically in a matter of days of you dispatching your targeted emails.

In this instance which is on the high end of the spectrum a $2,400 per month Recurring income from 1 sale to one high net worth client.

And this does not include Curated Cross sells which are a key component of your personalized training which can be activated within 3-6 months within each calendared campaign, and can range from $10,000 to $50,000+.

In Summary with our exclusive network of publishers and trainees we are quietly killing it by taking these 3 steps..

STEP 1- Before & After Blank Pages With Co operating Publishers who have unsold Print & Digital Space. 

There's a right way and a wrong way to do this.  ​One deal with one publisher can be your fast lane to $250,000 to $300,000+ per year recurring.  You get the details from A-Z. 

Step 2- Calendared Campaign Design

6 Key components for high level, 360-degree Five
​Star campaigns of distinction.

Step 3 Introducing a Better Way to Spend Your Days at Your Executive Home Office or Growth Agency.

Pink shorts are optional, but you get the idea! 

Compound a very powerful 7th layer which accounts for high ticket Cross Sells and average $10,000 to $50,000 and escalate beyond.  All commissionable and can be activated within 3 months of gateway campaign. 

Master the powerful yet inconspicuous Best of and Top List method of marketing to high net worth professionals so your remote digital agency can profit on a bigger scale.

One Tiny Cross Sell hint: 

Dear Agency Boss, 

When is the last time you arranged for your VIP SEO /Digital Agency client to fly on a private chartered jet to an invitation only dinner event to chow down with the likes of Tony Robbins, Lebron James, Taylor Swift, or Kevin Federer??


Here's another specific leak Not only as a remote Agency Boss did you probably think PRINT is DEAD, You probably thought high ticket recurring SEO looks like
Exhibit A Below When In fact it looks like Exhibit B Below

You thought that Big league SEO looks like this scene below and requires a big organization and heaps of connections and everyone knowing you, liking you, following you, or better yet you following them, seeing your faces splashed over videos and all social media channels , and trusting you etc. 


When in fact Big league SEO looks exactly like this below and Lessons 1-6 within this training makes the know-how crystal clear.  You need is a phone, a prospect list which is free online, and a properly designed and publisher supported Best of & Top List campaign using our system


Unmatched Training Quality 


"$14,000 commission from 1 legal services client... took 3 of your email templates..within 30 days...

..I've never been weak about closing but I've also never known it to be this easy dealing with this segment.

 Looking forward to more action like this and the 90 day $50K up-sell option.

Thanks is an understatement."

   Neil C

/Remote digital marketer


I have spent $10,000 on programs which leave me scratching my head going "now what? after I finish them. ...This is not one of those courses.  This is a step-by-step real world already proven process to make a mint in an industry that is always evolving and scattered..... that there is room for lots of polished people to make money 

Steve Kaplan 
Co-Founder MarketMongoose


A Great Course For Making Money Online!

   Diamond Dave 

/ Owner Site Admin

Total Package Value
$15,000 -$50,000+

​One $12K per month deal at 20% commission is worth over $50,000 excluding Cross Sells​

  • ​1 Campaign territory can be worth over $300,000 with the right game plan!  
  • ​This type of compounded print & digital ad sales is worth millions!
  • This strategy reveals how to quickly grow higher-margin deals!

What You Get For Your Investment!

  • What Will I Get For My Investment?
  • Lifetime access to the complete TopListAgency™ training covering all of the fundamentals of getting started successfully with the powerful yet inconspicuous Best of & Top List method of marketing.  Which by itself is a remote quiet high income skill that most don't know how to properly activate and profit from as SEO or digital marketing agencies.
  • You also get access to recordings of training conversion calls which David Gaddi recently conducted with members of his TLA Partner's* program. Where he walks them through the veins and nitty gritty of how to land their first $5,000, $8,000 to $12,000 monthly client deals within 30 days.  Explained so this can be done in a very predictive and formulaic way.  Step by Step!
  • What if I Have Questions? If you have questions before investing in this program, you can use this contact address ""  to ask and we'll get right back to you.
  • After you've invested in the program, you can always ask questions via 24-7 support​. You will also have lifetime access to available live recordings and individual training videos in the course membership area to give you the ability to go back and revisit anything you need.
  • Doers Bonus- The exact pitch used to remotely land $12,000 per month VIP SEO & Digital Agency clients using the Best of & Top List Method of Marketing taught exclusively here.  You'll also get clear detials about the top 3 highest converting Premium Cross Sells Which can be added within 90 days of client campaigns, and can be leveraged to add $10,000 to $50,000 in commissions to your agency as continuity engagements.
  • *With personalized hands on help and guidance from David 7 days per week, TLA Partners Program members on average bag their first $10,000 to $15,000 per month deals within 60 days using the core lessons here. You can easily earn more in your agency with the core lessons here.  TLA Partners simply tend to have teams or go All-In as soon as possible and want advanced resources.

Thanks David! : Aaron1843

Dave challenged my sales ideology by demonstrating what really matters in sales. Client satisfaction, conversion speed, net profits.   
I resigned my job as sales lead after Dave outsold in each metric three of my best within 2 weeks and with one client against their four in two months.  Our team sells face to face but Daves system is not.  His way makes more money with far less work.

Amazing system here, go high end here, buy whatever is the best because you'll make more money back- Or start your own agency licensing his system like I did to enjoy more money and less headaches.


      Tareq A.

     Former Field Manager Bruce Clay SEO

I'm building a lean gritty network of high quality remote bosses who want to earn beyond average income.  How? 

By selling Integrated Print & VIP SEO & Digital Media to high net worth professionals worldwide using the powerful yet inconspicuous

Best of & Top List method of marketing

that I exclusively teach.

I've had recent weekends where I've raked in $288,000 in sales by cold emailing less than 50 rich people, there are millions of them out there,  And I can't do it all alone! 

Inside the member area, I've shared exactly how I raked in $288,000 during 1 Weekend  as a bonus for you!  I'm sharing this because if I can do it, you can do it too & more!

 It's smarter for me to train ambitious people, give them the blueprint, spread them across certain territories and earn a small % from each from what I teach.  That's how I earn.

I ask that you only enroll if you can see yourself active in a scene like this...


Enter your text here...


Answers to some frequently asked questions:

I'm not a technical person is this strategy technically complex?

Given that this is a launch special, what happens after the launch?

How long do I have access to the course?

​Is there support for this training?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

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