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The Most Requested Thing is Impossible to Serve to Everyone

​​She Wrote ... 


"Hello David,                                      

Can I please rent your brain for about 2 hours on Saturday  morning if possible.  I have a hump in my inside sales operation ... I can't seem to leap over it.  Based on your results with Rolex, Hublot, Panerai etc I'm wondering how you would handle my hump. If Saturday is inconvenient all good, I'm at the mercy of your schedule.  ....  I have a budget of $400.00 per hour if that works for you and I need to get this resolved before Monday.

​Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                  Kendra"


My first curiosity was to know the nature of Kendra's under performing sales campaigns.  I've consulted long enough to know that words like "hump"   means you're not selling well enough & not meeting your goals. 

Almost Every month from an old forum email, I get requests for 1 on 1 consulting /coaching based on stuff I wrote about years ago which remains embedded in emails and content around the globe and remains relevant today.

Because of unprecedented market congestion and grossly diminished attention spans,  what I discussed in 2010 is more relevant now than it was back then.

Direct Request for hourly 1-on-1 coaching / consulting ​from existing SEO and local marketing agency businesses remains our most requested thing.  

​Recently a digital marketing She Boss named Kendra sent me that email above which has been used with permission and edited for brevity.  

​Kendra's email did not surprise me because we now live in the loudest and most distracted marketplace in human history and most marketers still haven't figured out how to consistently seize the attention of their best prospects and compress the sales cycle to a maximum of 2 weeks.  Plus they rely on obsolete and crowded methods that fail to deliver.  Obsolete methods like...

​ "You need a big list" or 

​ "You need more traffic" or 

​ "You need something affordable that everyone can buy" or

... one of my favorite false mantras....

​ "Someone has to LIKE YOU in order to buy from you", or another BS classic..

"It takes at least 7 exposures to your brand before someone decides to buy from you" or ...

​ You need more social media tools and videos and public profiles and more smiling pics of yourself online blah blah blah.   All categorically false, but you don't know what you don't know and that's the true power of 1-on-1 consulting.

​2 emails exchanged between Kendra led me to accept her Saturday ​Rent Your Brain offer because I knew that I could help.   Plus my Saturday's are quiet until around lunchtime.  Kendra knew this from her referral, a former forum trainee.  

Makes no sense to charge money unless you can offer a solid solution, even if someone is trying to add loot to your piggy bank preemptively like Kendra.

Given that Kendra is a member and referral from the forum that triggered this entire business, I ​​​gave her a "friend of the forum" ​savings by ​shaving my rate down  to my 2010-2011 consulting level which was only $375.00 per hour, instead of the $400 per hour that Kendra offered to feed my piggy and typifies my current rate range.  

​Kendra's hump didn't require her to take the entire training as a monthly member.  Though had she put in the time by completing the training, she would have found her answers and many other income producing ideas and concepts for her company within my membersite and at the Pro Deluxe level.   

Truth is within the STA course library Lessons 1-2-5-7 & 27 would have eliminated all of Kendra's knowledge gaps and provided multiple solutions to her hump had she not been crunched for time.  

I've authored the entire STA course library from A-Z and specialize at a high level in this space. Because of Kendra's severe time crunch, the fact that she reached out to me directly was a smart.  

Businesses are like fingerprints, all are distinct, some people simply have more money than time and after rolling up my sleeves for Kendra she was happy with the solution provided at the end of our Saturday am consultation.  

As a gesture of good will and to satisfy my urge, I sent her a free hard copy of the entire Pro Deluxe course containing:

1-PDF 128 pgs

​5- DVD's  3h 22: 51 sec

​5- CD's

​* Direct Telephone Access To Me For Anytime Support

​Giving Kendra a tangible guide to reinforce her goals was good thing to do.   

I added some notes to relevant sections of the training which I highlighted for clarity, and I gave her a few more ideas that she might not have considered, specifically designed to improve her sales numbers and because I wanted to make things run more smoothly for her.

​Good News.  

A follow up conversation shortly afterwards reveled that by enabling changes and tweaks from our weekend call her company made over 20X the cost of my consulting fee​ and within 20 days.  

A festive time for Kendra's ROI calculator.    ​

1,900% ROI​ ​​​From The Most Requested Thing!

​It plain math Kendra's $750.00 consultation produced in excess of $15,000 or a whopping 1,900%  ROI within 30 days.   I say in excess of $15,000 because Kendra's gains from client deals are RESIDUAL and can be applied to all of her new sales campaigns, in other words it's not a  1 time gain. 

To be clear Kendra did not represent a startup because she already had something good in motion, she was simply stuck on how to finesse a very important part of her sales process for her benefit. 

​I've experienced many times, it's the tiny changes that produce the biggest results.  Tiny things which most business owners can't see because they are too close to their own businesses.  ​Some are too set in their ways of executing new actions.   

Head doctors sometimes refer to this as inattention blindness and it's very real and businesses of all sizes suffer from this.  

​In Kendra's case 1 big growth leap involved mixing certain old-school marketing techniques with modern design rules.  

​​I've consulted for publicly traded Billion dollar corporations, aggressive multinationals, and scrappy solopreneurs and they've all suffered from inattention blindness in some area of their sales process which has caused them to lose profits.

​Smart companies assume they will miss things and put things in place to counter that expectation.  Smaller companies don't usually have this level of awareness so they tend to suffer more and miss profits.

​​​Kendra's company also implemented a new system based on my consult and the materials that I mailed to her.   A win win for all.  

Genuine Good business

For Kendra her frantic time crunch triggered her #1 success shortcut

​Nothing makes me flex my sometimes Modafinil +black coffee stacked mental muscle more than these kinds of results which can only be gained if supported by action because this is exactly how I produce my best work for clients.  ​And it's precisely how I began consulting digital marketers in 2010.  

The quiet actions which seeded this private learning academy, making it an industry best kept secret,  and still makes it successful today remains Private 1-on-1 consulting.  

The Problem is Time , Fingerprints & Maybe Rocky B.

​The sole reason why I created physical home study training materials and a remote access membersite is because demand for private consultations became overwhelming and there was not enough time in the day. 

​​So when I created the courses ​...

​I created an entire body of work detailing how I built my own 7 figure agency within 24 months.  The foundation & the strategies. 

I then whipped up chapters and solutions based on overcoming the most common areas of humps, snags and hurdles.  These were from my first set of 1-on-1 consulting clients that I worked with before creating a course​.

I then sprinkled in little known high impact sales strategies useful for main street markets and HNWI markets for added strength, and I put the material out there and it sold very well.  

​Each year new product tweaks, upgrades and insights were created to keep up with market conditions and dynamic industry changes.  But also to reflect new income producing opportunities that many miss.

​Then the question remained, how do I make this product better?  Not bigger, but better.

​The answer was clear in my head.  

Go back to my roots to what sparked and triggered the original excitement, energy and engagement for your customized solutions.  Duhh.  A no brainer.   The smart drug Gods were proud that day.

Davids modafinil supply STA Alert!

So I decided to bake in 1-on-1 laser consulting with all member levels (which at times can take on a form of coaching depending on how cranky I can become with a client about a HNWI sales conversion misstep) while working only with a handful of clients each month. Problem solved.  The product can't get any better.

The most requested thing is impossible to serve to everyone because there are only so many hours in a week.  

​And because of smart things I've done years ago primarily related to digital marketing  I'm not in need of money these days.  

​I enjoy meeting new people online and helping out when I can but I won't build your business for you.   ​Though I take client engagements and this web property very seriously, this is more of a hobby than a necessity for me.


​Custom fit 1-on-1 laser consulting

​Remains highly effective but it takes time because businesses are all different, they are like fingerprints.  

They may contain similar patterns and imaging to the naked eye,  but where it matters most; the skill level, strategies, accomplishments capabilities, personalities behind-the-scenes, HR, opportunities awareness etc, these things are all different and certainly influence what can and cannot be done.

​Laser consulting Renders a ​Tailored ​Sales Growth System that delivers the results that you need based on your existing situation & paired with where you want to go


​The reality that most people miss or avoid discussing is that over 90% of all businesses fail and will continue to fail.  These are perennial facts.   Why?

here's my opinion and you know what they say about those....

Boss ​RANT

You'd think that with all the Webinars, Emails, OTO's, Guru Masterminds, Upsells, Downsells, Complex Funnels, Infographics,  Video Marketing bots, Strategy Sessions, Super Secret Methods, New 1-Click to Riches Product Launches, Inner Circles, Mini Mentoring, Maxi Mentoring, Outer circles blah blah blah more people in this industry would be experiencing bigger success.  But that's not really the case.

And here's why. 

Just because you watch a Rocky movie doesn't mean you can KO Apollo Creed.   

​That 7 figure left hook below looks incredibly easy but in reality it would require thousands of hours of expert training, conditioning and a collection of other things like elevated instincts, outsized motivation, immaculate timing and a big dose of luck.  


And the trick is, the more you watch Rocky's KO the easier it looks.  Yes I know it's Hollyweird but the point remains the same.   Succeeding in Business is no different.

What appears to have taken only a second to accomplish literally took Rocky thousands and thousands of hours and many years of sacrifice and deterministic energy.  

When I built my agency I was hungry, I had grit and more importantly I ate focus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   And I ate self discipline as a steady appetizer and a steady midnight snack.   Traits that MOST PEOPLE will forever lack.

​​On page 71 of the STA Pro Deluxe training guide I reveal to you my exact key strategy for how I soared the sales for my own agency within 24 months.  

I add more layers and context to this strategy within Video, and Audio, and within the membership site.  The strategy is as valid today as it was back then. 

David's proven 7 figure remote strategy

​My training presents in explicit detail exactly what I did and how I did it and how you can do it too.   I explain what I would do differently today because I now have the benefit of new  tools, ideas, and hindsight being 20/20.

​Beyond that I had over 50,000 hours of expert training and life experience which I tapped into during times of frustration or uncertainty.   Naturally I can't write all of that stuff, but that's the added benefit of the baked in 1-on-1 consultations.  

1-on-1 consulting addresses nuances and details and insights unique to your business or circumstances which cannot be bottled up and packaged because the snags and solutions remain powerful and dynamic, just like Rocky Balboa's left upper-cut which KO'd Apollo Creed.  

​The KO appears to have occurred quickly but the process leading to the moment is where the behind-the-scenes work took root.

We live in the most noisy, hyperactive and congested marketplace in human history and the one thing that everyone wants is fast fast fast fast fast automation automation automation video video video video video big big big big big.  Rich Rich Rich Rich Faster Faster Faster Faster,  no work no work no work no work more automation more automation, hammock on the beach hammock on the beach, I want my hammock on the beach etc.  

Imagine if I revealed to you that


#1 under-The-Radar residual income profit success shortcut in This Industry of HNWI Sales Conversions Remains....

​​1- Location independent 

2- A bit low tech [Effective old-School]

​3- Does not require traffic

​4- Does not require social media


5- Slices through congested marketplaces like a hot butter knife & disarms the most Skeptical gatekeepers

​6- Does not rely on automation 

​7- Pays a handsome residual income which enables you to earn 10X your profits in 1/2 the time

And if you execute diligently based on my proven guidelines you could be on schedule to be among the remote online business elite, and on schedule to residual income earnings in excess of $150,000 per year within 3 months.  Pgs 21, 71, 75, and Chapter 15 of the Pro Deluxe membership training reveals the profit model.  Plus my private consultation with your agency fills in any nuance or knowledge gaps based on your unique situation .

Two things you need to know  

#1 it works.  #2 it works

Fundamentally mass business failure specifically as it relates to SEO sales, or local marketing agency failure rates reflects a clear cut case of people with underdeveloped skill and hyperactivated desire

Often exacerbated by daily and seductive shiny object syndrome products and services.   This imbalance is extremely common and leads to chronic frustration and business failure.  

​ You Were Expecting Me To Pitch A  Call To Action For You And I Aim To Please​,  So Here Goes, And It's  Simple

​If you've been in the SEO sales,  local marketing, or marketing consulting sales space for at least 2 years and are not earning at least 6 figures annually you should really enroll as a member.  And you'll learn that you don't have to rank to bank.

If you've been in this space for at least 5 years as an owner with a team and you're not doing at least 7 figures in sales something is wrong and can probably be FIXED with my help. You should really enroll as a member to revitalize​ your sales and profits.

​If you think you're a better fit for 'Rent My Brain' 1-on-1 consulting aka "My Personal Help" absent the entire training and you want me to roll up my sleeves for you, please ​use this form to send me an idea about your snag or hurdle and I'll give you my complimentary feedback. 

Be aware that as much as I enjoy meeting smart entrepreneurs online via contact forms and email, this distinct service is subject to my availability and reserved on a first come first served basis.

Fear Not Because ...

I don't watch TV much so your snags or humps gives me a chance to exercise my brain.  

​I'll usually reply within 48 hours.  Click here to Contact, or click the button below to activate your free Pro Deluxe Trial Membership!

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