NEW Remote High Ticket Sales Conversion Method
How to Reliably Sell 360-Degree Media Campaigns to High Net Worth Clients By Mastering the powerful
yet inconspicuous

Best of & Top List Method of Marketing   
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Our proven income earning learning products are not for the herd masses.

Our training is for smart people dedicated to earning at the highest levels.  You're in full control.  We don't treat you like cattle, we treat you like an intelligent adult.  We don't force you to watch this video by disabling controls.  You can pause the video, adjust volume, open or close or skip to chapters and expand or reduce the video size.  

This video workshop  is for educational and informational purposes and it's based on real life results as a remote location sales engineer.  Our training has an exclusive focus on high net worth professionals.

I've trained people personally who have achieved similar results and better. 

And if we can do it you can do it too.   All successful business plans require a winning strategy.  There's big opportunity with Crown Strategy™ because 98% of digital marketers don't know about it because they wrongly assume that Print is Dead.  

Which is perfect!

Crush it With Crown Strategy!

Don't miss out, trainees are earning big scores by learning something new and adding a new  high ticket service option to their SEO & local marketing agencies.  

VIDEO #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals.  13 minutes 28 seconds.

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for creating compelling and high converting Prime Ticket campaigns for any purpose.

I'll teach you how to quickly lay the foundation to attract

$6,000 to $12,000 per month clients at 20% + commission recurring.  

But that's just the beginning because the same

​strategy gives birth to Prime Ticket Cross Sells ranging

from $10,000 to $50,000 within 4-6 months.

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VIDEO #2  Client Prospecting Mastery. 6 minutes 26 seconds.

You will quickly learn how you can easily use FREE and alternative platforms to gain YOUR BEST FREE SUPERSTAR leads for your prime-ticket sales conversions.

No need for FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.  Leave those sites for the herds.   This entire business celebrates Quality not quantity.

Plus beyond the video and under-the-radar via email, I'll show you a powerful strategic hunting strategy that can help you bag $8,000 to $12,000 in commissions within the first 30 days of activating your first campaign.

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VIDEO #3  Campaign Positioning Mastery.  6 minutes 15 seconds

In this final free workshop video, you'll discover our exact campaign positioning strategy which can be applied to a broad spectrum of media and niches. 

Plus you will quickly learn how to gain repeated success and avoid failure while creating Best of & Top List World class campaigns for Prime Ticket or high net worth clients.

Because it's been proven that once you've mastered one  of these campaign positioning  strategies you've mastered all 3, because it's not complex.  Take action and you'll be fast on your way to being among the online income earning elite.

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VIDEO #4  Exact Email Subject Formula Mastery.  7 minutes 51 seconds

In this video instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates.  

Critical intelligence because if your emails are not opened and READ, you've got ZERO shot at quickly selling prime-ticket deals, and that's what this training is all about.   If you're smart and sell any high quality product or service this lesson alone can be worth millions.  

I've earned over 7 figures with cold targeted email as my opener to prospects and so can you.  All meaningful roads lead to email.  

This video training is supported by My Personal Help via private workshops and covers Prime Ticket money making email marketing strategies which are extraordinarily effective and have never been published.

VIDEO #5  Exact Cold Email Opener Script Prospect Mastery.  5 minutes 42 seconds

Attention spans are at an all time low and most people these days have the attention span of a gnat.  But paired with lesson 4 this lesson delivers a powerful new and steady transnational income producing  solution.

You can use a proven sequence of Private Invitations to sell residual income prime-ticket campaigns and this lesson delivers the frameworks for profit rich repeated and residual scenarios.

​Delivered to you on a silver platter.   You will quickly learn how to put the power of Genuine Extreme Scarcity to work for you to make your life richer and richer.   Did I say richer?  I did.  

​This lesson is what drives your Prime Ticket sales results. Beyond the video lesson I'll share with you a powerful tactic which I pair with email which presells the campaigns with regularity.  

This lesson paired with lesson 6 below will give you confidence and deliver a high income skill that you can apply on demand.

VIDEO #6   Global Brands, Celebrity & VIP Sales Conversion Mastery.  23 minutes 31 seconds.

In this final video, you'll learn how to put it all together while mastering succinct curated

& conversational high net worth client marketing.

In this unique income producing video, I'll walk you through the campaign elements which

routinely attract high net worth clients who pay top dollar for your exclusive

360-degeree new media service.  

You will learn step-by-step  what to say and how to instantly convert an $8k-$12,000

per month prime-ticket client who attempts to "negotiate" for a lower monthly rate. 

This lesson is an epic reveal specifically created for high net worth

individuals & Prime Ticket buyers because the conversion psychology is central

to their values and personality types.  

Because these are customized media campaigns, the fat free closing technique 

(only a sentence long) usually produces a 1 call sales conversion. ​ 

I call this our magic wand prime ticket sales conversion technique because it instantly

empowers you to have a super valuable and industry elastic  remote location high income skill

within the high end sales profession. You own this high income skill for life and it can

be applied during a broad spectrum of recession proof Prime Ticket sales scenarios.

It's the fastest way that I know for any confident and articulate person to SCORE

a consistent $150,000 - $300,000 per year or more as a  savvy home based

professional media entrepreneur.  

It's a mental asset that you become plugged into,  you can take it anywhere,​

it can be the easiest money you will ever make which can pay you better than a  psychiatrist.

What You'll Discover in this complete 6-Part Course

Which is trusted by:


A Proven Method For Earning Real Money

Learn how to easily create lucrative campaigns  by mastering the Best of & Top List method of marketing from your executive home office & earn between $150,000 -$300,000 remotely.


The Recipe to Bring Home The Bacon

Copy our exact  step-by-step recipe for creating and selling Top List campaigns worldwide to the mass affluent evergreen demographic.  No need for FB-LinkedIn-YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.


The Under-The-Radar Key

Learn the one aspect of high net worth client sales conversion expertise that is extremely important, but overlooked by your competitors.


The  Musical Chairs Advantage

You don't need traffic since you select the most qualified candidates to invite for exclusive campaign participation.  You are given proven high converting templates and a musical chairs based high profit margin sales process which bolsters your success.

What Others Are Saying Earning By Creating and Selling these High Net Worth Client Deals


Click image above  to read conversion efficiencies from home based results

Click image above  to read conversion efficiencies from home based results

Click image above  to read deal conversion elements

Best Real Estate Agency In ....

Top 5 Hotels In....

Best Personal Injury Lawyer In....

I Co-Created the Original
Method For Major Brands Plus Updated and Improved the Current Formula
For Modern Media Entrepreneurs.  The updates and improvements were created so that home 

based entrepreneurs can profit and build 6 figure high profit client portfolios without

being a Madison Avenue agency. 

 That's Important to Know because There's A Right Way And A Wrong Way
To Put These Deals Together And This is The Only Step-by-Step Blueprint Available

NEW Value Added Bonuses Which
ensures your new high income skill

Bonus 1 Supplement

40 Proven Crown Strategy Campaign  Templates Pack

Turn-Key campaign templates for the most successful and proven evergreen niches for high net worth professionals.  We've taken the guess work out campaign creation and given you the most profitable niches within the top mass affluent demographic so you can build and sell campaigns quickly.

Bonus 3 Supplement 

Essential Legal Templates Pack for You and Your Print Publisher

This video guides serves you well as a solid guideline for the legal framework which you'll need to stabilize your remnant ad space deals which enable you to build a fast and steady high 6 figure income.  What's great about this entire strategy is that you can build a great home based high income business by partnering with only 1 print publisher and this training reveals exactly how to do it.

Bonus 2 Supplement

​Blind Spots to Avoid Strategy Lecture

Wherever there's a lot of profit to be made there are bound to be a reasonable amount of pitfalls and blind spots on the road.  This private lesson strategy session is designed to help you save heaps of time and frustration by showing you proactively how to avoid the most perilous blind spots which could minimize your success.

​​Bonus 4 Supplement

​First Glance Campaign Critique

​​​Because I want you to succeed at the highest levels and with consistency by applying this unique and powerful strategy to sell SEO and a radius of premium quality 360-degree media services

to high net worth professionals; I will personally review and critique each of your first 10 campaigns for potency and effectiveness.

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