Build Your Very Own 6 figure
Per Month
Agency by Intelligently Partnering With 
Your Most Difficult Client!

Grab the simple PROVEN 6 figure per month system that gave me
the cash & time freedom to quietly semi retire very young in 2008 after
radical action and 24 months as a lean start up

I quietly teach, train, tutor, mentor, partner, and learn from others as a result of having one big success within the SEO digital marketing space. That's what I do.

That slice of success involved my lean start up of 3, and self creating a distinct and replicatable sales system which evolved quickly into a 6 figure per month agency by focusing on the medical Industry.  Orthodontics to be specific.  

However, the formulas, strategies and techniques that I train and advise about can be applied to any industry where your profit goal is to gain high net worth clients for your SEO or Digital Marketing agency or brand.

Despite being an insanely private person
with a face made for radio...I'm not a celebrity
internet marketing guru not is that my goal.  Still...

I've dispatched email broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people.  I've created courses, podcast, videos, audios, pdfs, workshops, swipe files, upsells, downsells, cross sells, invite only private workshops you name it. 
I've probably done it."

The Fact History

Since 2011 I've completed over 7000 hours of consulting and with the help of Utah, and the Philippines
I've quietly shipped physical multi media courses to over 20 different countries.  

I've had heaps of positive feedback regarding results that trainees have gained from tips, strategies, and customized income producing blueprints.  Blueprints that I've created for agencies both large and small.  

Blueprints that for some clients I've created, piloted, and then proven with my own remote sales teams before handing them over the complete success keys on
a silver platter.

The underground surge from forum members as customers and clients
 began after I authored over 500 detailed forum postings.
​I challenged a popular remote sales method listed on a sub forum
which I viewed as obsolete unless you were a newbie and didn't know any better.  

Then I revealed in a general sense
what experience taught me was a better way to skin a cat.
 ​I revealed these ideas with hundreds of concise postings
 providing better income producing solutions to 

  • Remote Prospecting for high net worth clients
  • Remote Conversion Strategies for high net worth clients
  • Remote Retention & Referral Strategies for high net worth clients
  • Remote Offshore Business Development by targeting high net worth clients

My purpose on the forum at the time?  

Revealing to media entrepreneurs what experience and results had demonstrated
to me and my lean team as more profitable alternate ways to grow a cash
flow rich digital marketing agency.  Just like we did.

It didn't hurt that the thread was in open Q & A format which invited all viewpoints and opinions
from some of the most advanced and skeptical online marketers alive.

 At times it became combative.  But that's life in the fast lane.

It didn't hurt that the thread was inside of the worlds largest SEO & make money online
forum with almost 1 million readers to the thread at the time.

​It didn't hurt that I offered a $10,000 cash incentive for anyone to answer a
​sales riddle which further surged the participation of the thread.

It didn't hurt that Photobucket registered over 300,000 downloads for my first 
Beginner's Guide to Cashing in On local business SEO /SEM and I still get
​business from that download in 2019.

When a forum member sent me the email with the Photobucket news, I was super stoked.

I remember being on my balcony on the 27th floor gazing at the Miami Beach Skyline
Twas a happy evening!

All good things must come to an end. A TWIST & the end of happy!

Paired with positive reviews for the Beginners Guide and my inbox being slammed with request for private consultations for deeper more customized advice...

A forum lurker biz developer sent me a series of emails requesting an A-Z Guide for how to build an 6 figure per month agency from scratch.  

He wanted to pay for more than general concepts and strategies, and a step beyond lazer consulting.  He wanted my specific blueprint.  His goal?  To save TIME.

Real Proof!

Until that time, I'd only conducted private one-on-one consultations for existing agencies
based on where they were stuck in their business growth.  

This was fairly easy for me to manage because typically an agency boss
would clip a certain area of something that I'd already posted and
send me a request for further clarification on a specifc set of concepts
that I'd indicated Yet not reveal full actionable specifics.  

Therefore, the idea of me creating what was termed
'the best of my recollection A-Z How to do it guide'  seemed heavy for me at the time.  

Especially given that I became swamped from private consults that I had to hire an
admin assistant to schedule and support a new remote consulting business that
I didn't expect on having simply from the ebook release.

Early semi retirement wasn't supposed to look like this.  Yet I accepted the deal
from the lurker, and because I'd never authored a complete A-Z Guide before,
I didn't feel confident to charge a lot of money.  

The forum lurker and I cut a deal and agreed upon a discounted A-Z exclusive
manuscript guide.  On the precondition that he would offer an Honest Review
after he'd read all of the info that I would send.

The lurker was very interesting to chat with via email, and after we came
to our agreement, he mentioned that he would make a payment after a
week because he needed to attend a retreat at TMI (The Monroe Institute).

I recall thinking at the time when he announced the "after a week" payment
delay that he was possibly a flake just trying to see how much he could get
the course for along with a few other things running through my head.

But I was too busy with private consultations to give it that much
thought and I had to keep things moving forward. 

The eclectic forum lurker was a man of his word.  After a week a new PayPal notification
arrived in my inbox pursuant to our conversation prior to his TMI retreat.

Here's what the deal below looked like on March 17, 2011 at 3:03 PM
Prepaid in Full for an exclusive commissioned A-Z Guide!  

Remember this is early 2011 when $4,250 was a lot of money for a course
or business enhancement training materials.

Through email the lurker explained that prior to coming to his investment decision
 he read every post that I'd written on the forum in addition to the entire thread. 
That constituted a lot of reading.  

He explained that it was my consistency and coherence which gave him
complete confidence in my abilities to deliver what he needed.  
There's a BIG lesson here, 
Please Keep Reading!



I'd never written an entire A-Z how to do from zero to 6 figures per month within 24 months selling SEO & Local Agency Services guide before.  Clearly outside of my comfort zone and I lived an atlass of emotions at the time, most of them not good.

Intelligent people say beyond the comfort zone is where ALL of the magic really occurs.  But MOST PEOPLE don't REALIZE that so they persist in playing it "Safe".

Typically they lead lives of quiet desperation and remain on the outside of the winners circle constantly looking in.

Did I screw up?  Absolutely!  In fact because I crammed and juggled and actually tried to recall every little detail to make this A-Z guide an amazing body of original work, I ended up being late delivering the product to my first premium buyer.

I felt REALLY shitty about that but I explained to my client that his order
would be late.

He understood and accepted my apology.  He didn't stress me out about it and

by the time I'd marched down to Fed Ex to mail him (1 week beyond schedule) what turned out to be a 40 page A-Z how to manuscript, along with some
other secret goodies; I was felt pretty good.

But Not For Long... Review & Feedback time!

"I was expecting more from the presentation, I haven't had time to look at this yet so I can't comment on the actual Content.  I'll have a chance to go through the materials later this weekend and I'll let you know where we stand."

I'd waited for 5 days to email him as I yearned for what I'd hoped would be Positive Feedback from every angle.  His reply to my anxiousness for feedback is above.  I can assure you reading his initial feedback felt like a hard punch in the gut.

My brain had already figured out by the time I completed and sent the manuscript that if this one client had positive feedback, at the price point that I charged, and conveyed that openly on the Forum, then I could easily solve 2 BIG problems that I had at the time.

Problem 1- I could turn that 40 page 'How to do it' manuscript into a full blown product course by adding things like audio, video, and levels of consulting.  Perhaps a quiet premium member site.  Time drain problem solved from a bottleneck of private consulting at the time.

Problem 2- I could free up heaps of my consulting time by packaging my expertise or intangible service, making it easier for a client to see it, touch it, feel it, and understand it. Turning it into a tangible product with a fixed time, a fixed price, and a fixed statement of work.  Perfect.

Up to that point I was being clobbered by $375 per hour one-on-one consulting, averaging 3 hours per agency client.  It was a huge undesirable time drain, yet gave me transparency on the most common problems a wide range of agencies confronted daily which

stifled their growth.

However-as fate would have it and as you read previously.

My first premium client did NOT like the presentation quality and it was the first thing he mentioned.  Initially his feedback devastated me, even though I hadn't spent any time considering the product cosmetics which made him 100% correct.

 He received essentially 40 or 42 word pages preceded by a proper Table of Contents, bound together in a perfect bond format courtesy of Kinkos and Fed Ex.

Nothing Fancy!

He also got a few gadget items inside of his Fed Ex box that I used to quietly convert remote high ticket clients with.  Plus my direct phone number that he

could use anytime.

Shortly afterwards, the client provided a positive review based on the CONTENT and later his RESULTS and gave me permission to use his review and syndicate it as long as his full name and company were not revealed.  
Privacy concerns etc,
Very common forum culture especially for lurkers who people would recognize if they weren't shielded behind avatars and anonymous User Profile Names.

I later discovered that my first premium buyer was a character in this Hollywood movie, loosely created from a phase of his life.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due April, 2019

"Throughout the years and behind-the-scenes, I've helped build the success of major brands like American Expresses Travel & Leisure Magazine, Gannett Corps USA Today , California Wine Club, Royal Caribbean Int'l , 
just to name a few.  Plus many smaller companies.

Yet it was't until a recent April 2019 phone conversation with one of my partners which triggered a significant thought for me that hit me like a TON of Bricks for the first time.

The Real​ Remote King Pin Secret to My SEO Digital
Agency Success
Never Been Revealed From This Perspective
in a Precise Copy & Paste way is below...

And that's not because my intent was to be cryptic.  It's because I've always taken a customized approach to remote SEO sales process mastery or Digital Agency growth, based on where people tell me they are stuckbecause it works.

Usually in those days, I'd try to focus on the pain point provided and in turn provide students with a clear path to achieving one big goal that would make a difference
and keep them focused.


Value Bomb

Many distinct ingredients which comprises the agency success pie.  
Many Moving Parts to correct and properly calibrate.

But the fact is, My Biggest Win In SEO & Digital Services Sales came from a Strict And Strategic Game Of Chicken With A Very Stubborn Prospect.  A Prospect That I Began To Think Didn't Really Want To Pay Me For My Services After I'd Already Mapped Out A  Solid Game Plan For Him And Gave Him Heaps Of Useful Info.   Perhaps you've experienced this before.  If you've been in sales, I'm sure you have. 

The Strict Game of Chicken that I Played Involved a LEGAL ACTION that I activated with my worst PROSPECT who actually 

Everything that's popular in high ticket SEO &
Digital Agency sales is WRONG!

Sometimes Radical Profit Enhancement
Requires You to ReMap the Way You Think
when Events with 

a Prospect don't seem to be going your way.

That's why you should grab this while it's still
available before i change my mind and restrict
this to specific agencies & a strict
licensing sales model  ...

Phase 2

I've Decided to Only Release A Pre Order
Quantity of 50 Copies of This Product
This is what you'll get!

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