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I will tutor you and work with you personally so you and Your Team can create this scene below for your own business.

STA Pro Deluxe training teaches this..

You Will Get This Executive Training Home Study Course Along With Exclusive Under-The-Radar Profit Building Resources Which Are Unpublished Here And Delivered to Your Doorstep!

​These Resources Paired With Gated Membersite Access Will Help You Build a Thriving Business Servicing High Net Worth Individuals & Professionals In The Following Niches.  Medical-Legal- Real Estate- Restaurants- Hospitality- Finance-Hotels.

David Gaddi's Custom Fit 1-on-1 laser consulting

​     Pro Deluxe Tutoring & What You Get


​Complete STA Hardcover Multimedia Home Study Por Deluxe Membership Course:  Getting High Net Worth Clients to Buy Long Before They Pay

Shipped worldwide via courier

​-5 HD Training DVD's [3 Hours 22 min]


​-Contains 27 exclusive income producing lessons & strategic bonuses.  Created for aggressive ​ solopreneurs who understand that SEO is not an isolated singular action dependent on Google.  

SEO is a radius of intelligent client centric media actions to bolster client visibility.  

​Local marketing agencies, digital marketing services, video marketing consultants, social media marketing, PR, etc also encompass SEO actions because truth be told  SEO is the internet.  


​-Instant online secure access to your own private dashboard membersite vault.


​-​Instant proven SEO sales process details and strategies for rapidly creating a 7 figure remote location agency.


-​Breakthrough and very unconventional HNWI mixed media growth strategies and formulas designed to consistently deliver 300% to 1900% ROI


-Instant email templates, telephone script openers, strategies, techniques, plus clear insights and guidelines which are responsible for trainees making *$70,000 in a day. Trainees are quietly building cash flow fortresses for their families  by  a proprietary spectrum of HNWI sales actions.


​-4 Hours per month of Private Custom-Fit 1-on-1 world class advice from David​.  A genuine $22,500 annualized value.

​​The agenda here is for me to Welcome you to the community, and to have a better understanding about your profit goals so I can direct you to areas of the training which can support your goals and offer you nuanced profit building advice as your business grows.

​This can be a telephone conference meet and greet or email if you're anti social.  You decide.  These are not recorded coaching calls or canned group calls.   These are live calls.

Time does fly when you're having fun and helping smart, open minded, energetic media entrepreneurs succeed bigger is FUN for me, so much fun that I routinely extend beyond 2 hours for this private tailored advice element and I don't nickel and dime you about the time.


​​This training level is for start-ups and pre revenue businesses who are smart enough in business strategy, planning, accounting, and HR to recognize the extreme value of this Premium membership level.

​Annual investment for this membership is only $12,000 paid monthly at $1000.   Yet you have direct and steady access to an accomplished senior advisor who has built from the ground up a 7 figure agency and is extremely well rounded in business.  

A massive value that will keep you properly focused, inspired and hopefully immune from the distractions of conflicting information, rampant shiny object syndrome and abundant pitfalls within the market. 

​This training  constricts vast & conflicting industry options while focusing on proven SALES and front end cash flow producing disciplines and actions.

​​This training details a proven pathway for solopreneurs and small teams for creating million dollar agencies with a bias for targeting ample amounts of HNWI in well over 100 niches & often in obscure non congested markets. 

​Aggressive Media Entrepreneurs love this training because it's not fluffy. It contains more than enough actionable instructions to approximate a workable and profitable technique.   

Plus if you ever get stuck, my job as the product creator is to get you unstuck as soon as possible, and that's a promise.

*Be aware that $70,000 of sales in a day can be achieved with only one client at $5,800 per month on annual contract.  

$70,000 sales in a day can also be achieved by selling two $3,000 monthly deals in 1 day.   The goal for some is to hold at least 25% of the invoice for recurring commissions.  And you can get more aggressive as your conversion confidence grows.   Commission ranges vary.  

Be aware that it's been my experience and that of many others trainees to this Academy that it usually takes less effort to sell bigger ticket deals to HNWI than it takes to sell low ticket products to main street business owners.

The strategies to produce those results are detailed within the training materials.   Plus I always make myself available to you for guided 1-on-1-support.




Seo-Training-Academy.Org is a recurring monthly billing ser​​vice. you may upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime.  To change your subscription level visit your Billing page and select a new plan. To close your account please email "" write "Cancel My Account" in the subject headline along with your User ID email address.

David Gaddi's 100 Performance Guarantee

If you execute what I design and engineer for your company and you don't earn 2X - 10X your money back; me & my team will work with you until you do.  Our best trainees are breaking profit records within 60 days of full membership at this level and benefiting directly from My Personal help!