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Imagine yourself Personally training with a world class sales

engineer who trains SEO, local marketing agencies & established brands how to surge sales by creating media campaigns & sales channels which target hNWI (high net worth individuals)

in domestic and foreign markets​​ 


For privacy, most companies I've worked with remain unnamed.  However check out some of the brands below that I've had the pleasure of rolling up my sleeves for...

David Gaddi brands I've rolled up my sleeves for

Pricing And What You Get When I Roll Up My Sleeves For You

Pro ​Deluxe

​-Complete STA Hardcover Multimedia Home Study Pro Deluxe Membership


Getting HNWI Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

Shipped worldwide via courier

​-5 HD Training DVD's [3 Hours 22 min]


​-Contains 27 exclusive income producing lessons & strategic bonuses.  Created for aggressive ​ solopreneurs who understand that SEO is not an isolated singular action dependent on Google.  

SEO is a radius of intelligent client centric media actions to bolster client visibility.  

​Local marketing agencies, digital marketing services, video marketing consultants, social media marketing, PR, etc also encompass SEO actions because truth be told  SEO is the internet.  


​-Instant online secure access to your own private dashboard membersite vault.


​-​Instant proven SEO sales process details and strategies for rapidly creating a 7 figure remote location agency.


-​Breakthrough and very unconventional HNWI mixed media growth strategies and formulas designed to consistently deliver 300% to 1900% ROI


-Instant email templates, telephone script openers, strategies, techniques, plus clear insights and guidelines which are responsible for trainees making *$70,000 in a day. Trainees are quietly building cash flow fortresses for their families  by  a proprietary spectrum of HNWI sales actions.


​-4 Hours per month of Private Custom-Fit 1-on-1 world class advice from David​.  A genuine $22,500 annualized value.

​​The agenda here is for me to Welcome you to the community, and to have a better understanding about your profit goals so I can direct you to areas of the training which can support your goals and offer you nuanced profit building advice as your business grows.

​This can be a telephone conference meet and greet or email if you're anti social.  You decide.  These are not recorded coaching calls or canned group calls.   These are live calls.

Time does fly when you're having fun and helping smart, open minded, energetic media entrepreneurs succeed bigger is FUN for me, so much fun that I routinely extend beyond 2 hours for this private tailored advice element and I don't nickel and dime you about the time.


​​This training level is for start-ups and pre revenue businesses who are smart enough in business strategy, planning, accounting, and HR to recognize the extreme value of this Premium membership level.

​Annual investment for this membership is only $12,000 paid monthly at $1000.   Yet you have direct and steady access to an accomplished senior advisor who has built from the ground up a 7 figure agency and is extremely well rounded in business.  

A massive value that will keep you properly focused, inspired and hopefully immune from the distractions of conflicting information, rampant shiny object syndrome and abundant pitfalls within the market. 

​This training  constricts vast & conflicting industry options while focusing on proven SALES and front end cash flow producing disciplines and actions.

​​This training details a proven pathway for solopreneurs and small teams for creating million dollar agencies with a bias for targeting ample amounts of HNWI in well over 100 niches & often in obscure non congested markets. 

​Aggressive Media Entrepreneurs love this training because it's not fluffy. It contains more than enough actionable instructions to approximate a workable and profitable technique.   

Plus if you ever get stuck, my job as the product creator is to get you unstuck as soon as possible, and that's a promise.

*Be aware that $70,000 of sales in a day can be achieved with only one client at $5,800 per month on annual contract.  

$70,000 sales in a day can also be achieved by selling two $3,000 monthly deals in 1 day.   The goal for some is to hold at least 25% of the invoice for recurring commissions.  Commission ranges vary.  

Be aware that it's been my experience  and that of many others trainees to this Academy that it usually takes less effort to sell bigger ticket deals to HNWI than it takes to sell low ticket products to main street business owners.

The strategies to produce those results are detailed within the training materials.   Plus I always make myself available to you for guided support.




Seo-Training-Academy.Org is a recurring monthly billing ser​​vice.  You may upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime.  To change your subscription level visit your Billing page and select a new plan.  To close your account please email "" write "Cancel My Account" in the subject headline.

Master's ​Premium 


​-Complete STA Hardcover Multimedia Home Study Master's Premium Membership Course:

Getting HNWI Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

Everything listed previously for Deluxe and Premium delivers 7 added training sections +...


A complete thorough Private & Confidential client operations intake audit and strategy huddle.

​-​Involves me taking an ​in-depth deep dive into your business or department, because it's the best way to create a clear, risk-free calendared path to follow for the next 16 weeks.  

​Plus, after our huddle session, I’ll send you a custom video plan of every barrier we eliminate and every profit discovery we reveal.  This is conditioning for your Victory Lap.  

​I'll focalize the big picture and map out to you how I would execute actions to optimize profits while shaving as much time as possible.


From 1 accidental and random Reputation Management client to 6 figures in sales per month.  

Section 14 of this Premium Training Guide reveals a major success key that I enabled which is super easy to execute yet most people won't do it.


​-Specific details of me showing you step-by-step how I created a 7 figure agency within 24 months absent a lot of clients & how you can enable a similar path with this globalized evergreen strategy & market.

​----------------------------------------------------​​- The ultimate proven blueprint reveals how you can enable a clever big league sales strategy that would make an Economic Research Analyst proud while your competitors are chasing nickel and dime clients.


​-Specific details on how you can profit today at an accelerated rate using the same exact relevant research data.


-A powerfully quiet high ticket SEO sales conversion short-cut which is really a "stealth-profits-machine". 

Sections 33 & 34 in your Premium Membership Training reveals this powerful under-the-radar ROI Shovel which routinely produces crypto level ROI gains absent the regulation, and volatility.  

​Few know about it despite that it's hidden in plain sight worldwide.


​-I'll reveal to you a simple actionable 5 step remote sales  strategy solution that you can plug in to quickly, with a small business budget your business can generate over $100,000 per month in an accelerated time period.

Requirements:  The know-how, the discipline and a team of four trained remote contact center agents.  They thrive earning Pesos you thrive earning dollars. A real life changer!

Plus it's the most fun and sexy way to quietly earn BIG selling digital.

​​If you're:


Tactically aggressive +

Capable of running a lean operation this strategy alone can net you over $30,000 per month Recurring after expenses.


​*This training level is for media entrepreneur performance junkies dedicated to starting a serious agency, or Second Stage agencies seeking steady growth in operational diversity from proven systems and global market opportunities.


​   You'll Get....

  • Actionable First Glance Special Reports
  • Income Producing Info Maps & Offers
  • Exclusive ROI Boosting Alerts
  • check-circle
    Custom Video & Podcast Alerts
  • check-circle
    8 Hours per month of Private Tailored world class advice from David .  ​A genuine $36,000 annualized value.
  • check-circle
    Private  Member Networking  & Profit Building Events Held in Hawaii
  • check-circle
    One-On-One Live Implementation by David For Teams or Individuals as Training Guidelines.  This Refers to Targeted Prospecting Calls & Remote Sales Strategy Training
  • check-circle
    Real Time 24-7 No Excuses Hyper-Connected Support by David via Encrypted Messaging App.

Businesses at this level should be seeking alternative growth diversification, refining & fortifying their businesses and taking aggressive actions to ensure more profitability. 


​​If public schmoozing is not in your DNA, you are Type-A personality + High Achiever.  You crave reliable remote HNWI sales channels this membership level is for you.


Seo-Training-Academy.Org is a recurring billing ser​​vice. You may upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime.  To change your subscription level visit your Billing page and select a new plan. To close your account please email "" write "Cancel My Account" in the subject headline.

Exclusive ​Partner

​-Complete STA Hardcover Multimedia Home Study Exclusive Partner Membership Course:

Getting HNWI Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

Everything listed Previously for Premium Plus Partner adds..


Only 10 Positions Available Nov, 2017

Maximum of 10 limited partnerships.

 In exchange for profit sharing on the deals that I close on your companies behalf, I will roll up my sleeves for your company and train your team until they have the clear ability and confidence to sell in a predictive and formulaic way based on my direction.

​1-UK- Surrey Region

​2- USA- West Coast  Region 1

3-USA- East Coast Region 1

​4-USA- Texas Region 1

​5-USA- East Coast Region 2

​6-Canada-Region 1

7-Canada-Region 2

8-Australia Region 1

9-Australia Region 3

10- UK- Region 3

​Currently Unavailable As of August, 2018 

​Think Big / Stay Focused

​New Partner Options Available Soon

​Click here for Availability


Consider this training only if you recognize the potential and you require advanced confidence for telephone prospecting, email prospecting and inbound or outbound HNWI sales mastery for your sales director and your team


​​​​​Maximum of 10 non competing territories and non competing niches.  

These are live training sessions conducted by me which demonstrate beyond theory and produce instant tangible results.  

Mirror exactly how I prospect, and sell SEO & local marketing agency services remotely to HNWI.

This is me taking a fully interactive and immersive role in your business and training you or your team properly so you have a live demonstrable system  which can be replicated.

​One-On-One Live Implementation by David For Teams or Individuals as Training Guidelines.  This Refers to Targeted Prospecting Calls and Sales Conversions calls.

​Deals that I close while training your team using my formula are subject to profit sharing.

​I can assure you that any deals that I close while training will be worth more than any fees paid to me.  This is risk free investment that I offer on a very limited first come first served basis for a limited amount of time. 


Seo-Training-Academy.Org is a recurring monthly billing ser​​vice.  You may upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime.  To change your subscription level visit your Billing page and select a new plan.  To close your account please email "" write "Cancel My Account" in the subject headline.

Our Training Excellence 

​My first final impression after reviewing all videos was I wanted to implement the strategy as soon as possible.  I felt the info was super valuable in the current SEO climate because it eliminates the waiting game so many SEO agencies are forced to use with clients...I also liked the fact that I could watch and digest all the info in one setting because it's often difficult to devote a lot of time to learning new concepts especially when it's not necessary.

Mark​- CEO Arizona Digital Marketing

I have sp​ent $10,000 on programs that leave me scratching my my head going 'Now What' after I finish them.  This is not one of those courses.  This is a step-by-step real world already proven process to make a mint in an industry that is always evolving and scattered so thoroughly that there is tons of room for lots of polished people to make money.

S. Kaplan-Co Founder MarketMongoose

​Your program RockSSS.

​I have read page 15 so much, I almost have it memorized.

​J Joshua Beistle ​- CEO

​Your STA Membership Advantages

Premium 24-7 Access to David

​Learn proven short smart cuts for Quiet Cash Flow dominance & personal Growth.

Achieve Premium Income Goals Faster

Discover guided unsaturated under-The-Radar systems to earn BIG in HNWI markets.

Nix Your sense of Underachievement

Live recorded interactive training sessions which focus on tactics that you or your team can instantly Use To Profit From Quickly

​Beyond SEO!
​STA Offers the Only Compressed  Spoon Fed Mastery of The Following So You Can Earn More Faster:

HNWI SEO Remote Sales Mastery

Paired With Constant Guidance Via Private Sessions So You're Always In Success Mode & Never Alone

"The best natural antidepressant is a 6 figure per month autopay income enabled by skill and technology" David G.

​The Good Life Quickly Zooms Into Focus When SEO & Local Marketing Agencies Grab this Unique Training and Execute.  

​Paired With Constant Guidance and Veteran 6 Figure Per Month Business Builder David Himself.

​Your First Glance Summary ​at The 3 Most Powerful Compound Training Steps You'll Ever Experience
Plus What You'll Get With Your Membership...​


​Executive Home Study Course

Based on Your Membership Level, You'll Get a Complete Fluff Free Executive Home Study Guide Delivered to Your Doorstep.  It's Presented in Easy Task & Actions Format.   

These Are The Same Details That I Used Personally to Build a 6 Figure Per Month Agency Within 24 Months & Semi Retire Young.   In Case You Were Wondering.. Semi Retirement Was Awesome For About 10 Months Then It Became A Total Bore!   ​I'm not the 4-Hour Work Week Type.  I tried it I failed.   Plus Hammocks And Being Drenched In Beach Sunshine Gets Boring Fast.

My Dad Later Told Me.. "Only 20% Of Millionaires Are Retirees. Around 80% still go to work."  Dad made me feel Sane.

​​If You Are Not Personally Earning  At The $150,00 to $300,000+ Per Year Level And You Own A Digital Agency That's Been Active For 2 Years or More, Or You're Currently A  Pre Revenue Agency, Then This Training Can Be Your Passport To Becoming An Elite Online Earner.  

That is, If You Agree That Trial And Error Is A Complete Waste Of Time.


​Private Membersite & Learning Management System

​Based on Your Membership Level You'll Get Secure Membersite Access To Our State of The Art Learning Management System.  Which You Can Access From Anywhere Online.   

Your Online Membersite Dashboard In Some Cases Is A Digital Replica of Your Home Study Training Materials, However Several  Enhancements, Updates, and Resources Can Be Found Exclusively Online.

​ These Training Materials Remain Proven And Valuable.   The ROI Factor Can't Be Ignored.  

Some Trainees Who Learn Here On The Cheap Go Out, Execute And Systematically Bag $10K+ Per Month Client Deals Based On What I've Taught Them.  Genuine Praise Worthy & Steady ROI.  when prior to enrollment their average client deal hovered at $600.00 per month after many years in business.  Solid happy ROI Calculator.

​That's the private school effect & the value

​A Constant Flow of Trainee Feedback From Smart People  Continues to Validate This Training ..

 From 2011- 2018

​​​ STEP 3​

World Class Custom-Fit 1-on-1 Laser Consulting & Advisory Perks Via Private Sessions

​Whether You Enroll As A Deluxe Member​, Premium Member, or Partner Member You'll Get a Fluff Free​ Assessment Of Your Business From Me.  These Are Not Automated, Canned or Generic Assessments These Are Customized & Tailored Based on Information That You Provide To Me Within A Confidential Client Questionnaire.   Combined With Private Info Shared During Our Scheduled Skype Calls & Encrypted Private Sessions.

This Is A Very Important Aspect Of Our Relationship, Perhaps The Most Important Because It Allows Me To See Exactly Where You Are And What You've Already Achieved.      

​This is where we discuss your goals plus I Connect The Dots Quickly And Handpick The Best Way Forward Towards A Thriving Sustainable Business.   

The Value Here Is Immense Because This Element Could Surge Your Sales In A Way Unconsidered By You Before, Or Save You Years Of Trial And Error To Obtain.  This is where  over 50,000 hours of My Experienced Brain Work Goes to work for you in a custom-Fit Capacity.

Whether You Are a Lawyer And The Son of A Former Attorney General Determined To Build A Successful Legal Services Platform.

  An Executive Home Office Based SEO Solopreneur Hungry For An Unsaturated HNWI Sales Process Edge.  

A Successful Media Entrepreneur Committed To A Fresh Start In Remote Location Digital Agency HNWI Services Sales, You'll Receive First Class Levels Of Service And Customized Clear Solutions At All Membership Levels. ​   

These are also the same strategies and guidance that have helped Home Based Solopreneurs And businesses achieve fast $10,000+ per month clients by  executing my advice while selling to HNWI.   ​

​This Training Is Ideal For People Who Prefer Remote Selling and Enjoy Research.   research that empowers you to systematically produce big ticket campaigns and sales.  Research That Enables You To profit big by mastering HNWI social validation marketing at the highest level.

Thanks David member MPx18289

            Here's What I Will Help 
 You With Specifically, Because I Have Stuff That Pays Big That The Masses Don't Have.   And We Work Directly Together To Achieve Your Goals.

My main focus is to help you become an elite remote online earner by turning exclusive 360° HNWI advertising campaign deals into residual income profit and a better life for you.   Many uncongested under-the-radar ways to do that which are extremely effective, residual and not widely known.  

​As a client member and trainee to this private learning academy, my job is to analyze and understand your business​ and to engineer a proven game plan to help you rapidly build a 7 figure Future Proof agency or a New 7 figure Future Proof sales channel for an existing agency.

​​​I'll train you how to do great things really well and you will quickly earn more profits.  I also created what I refer to quietly as Curated Dynamic Response .    This is just  a brief  way of saying,  curated marketing  delivered to your best prospects based on their dreams and lifestyle.​  

When you create customized media campaign deals for HNWI which can range in client cost from $140,000+ per year or more, (excluding $50,000 cross sell options)  the rules of engagement follows 3 organizing principles of knowing: 

                                                                      1) Exactly what to communicate

                                                                   2) Exactly where to communicate it

                 3) Exactly how to communicate it for maximum ROI and Sales conversion impact

The complete formula that I deploy which I share with members remains a principle ingredient to how I built my own remote 7 figure agency within 24 months by targeting HNWI.   It remains  the bedrock of getting HNWI clients to buy long before they pay.

I also decapitate the widely accepted mantra about the importance of your positioning – which is really  just an elaborate way of saying,  "People must Like You Otherwise They Won't Buy From You.”  

We've All heard it before from every Guru, Wanna Be gooooro, Pseudo goooru, and mini guru.

​BS.  That's only true if you are trying to sell unoriginal dime-a-dozen stuff in saturated ​markets.  If you're trying to earn big bucks in today's world by offering "me too" products and  laboring to get prospects to "like you" in order to make a sale, I don't envy you because you have a hard labor gig and it doesn't have to be that way.

​My compassion for you is genuine because I know that you can do better.  ​And I also know that you don't know what you don't know, and if you knew better you would do better.   Surely you are aware that Income gaps are simply knowledge gaps and that's what's holding you back.

​I invite you to work with me because ​​I'll instantly show you mind blowing psychological facts about your target market that will enable you to sell less deals for more money, and in a predictive and formulaic way.    

Imagine how your life would change when armed with the stealth know-how to create $3,000 per week paydays on demand.  And once you build that cash flow stability I can show you how to scale that up and flip that bankroll into much bigger international paydays.

Why Enroll?
If You Have an Existing Agency or Sales Team And You Are Not Taking Home
at Least $150,000 -$300,000 Annually

​any SEO, local marketing agency 

​not taking home between $150,000 to $300,000 Per Year After Expenses.  and pre-Revenue startups.* 


​In business 2 years or more  You've had Some Success and Know You Can Do Better.  You agree that  a fresh pair of Well Rounded experienced eyeballs Can Quickly Guide You To Higher Success Levels.

Your Agency Has Success And Your Business Development Leader Seeks New HNWI Growth  & Distinct  Product Offerings In Domestic and Foreign Markets.

​That's clear Brains on who should enroll ​​

And it's based on over 7 years of me helping  a wide spectrum of smart ambitious business owners from a variety of circumstances  make more money.  ​


​*Considered on a case by case basis.

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