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the fastest way to build a 6 figure per month agency is by selling 6 Figure SEO & Digital Agency Campaigns to High Net Worth Professionals

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About the Strategy that 98% of SEO's and Digital Agencies Are Clueless About..

This high Income Location Independent sales strategy was pioneered

and co created by David Gaddi  

In Partnership With

Mastering this little known strategy,
which functions as an elite executive sales process
will give you an unasailable High Income Skill.  

A skill which is unmatched in it's effectiveness to reliably
produce high profits for you, and exceptional residual client happiness.
With little work and smart thinking the strategy is elastic
and can be instantly bolted on as a New Service Line to a radius of 
agencies currently servicing competitive clients.
But most importantly it's fun, sexy and exciting!
The strategy literally has a quiet rep for getting prime
ticket clients to buy long before they pay!  

And that removes the grunt work from "selling"
Using this quiet poweful strategy, You can easily Sell Residual ...

  • Remote VIP SEO services to Hyper Competative Clients
  • Digital Marketing deals in the $3000-$10,000+ monthly range
  • Video Marketing Services which support 6 Figure VIP Sales Funnels
  • Transnational 360- Degree A-list media campaigns to affluent markets   
  • Combo Print & Digital highest ticket deals covering land, air, and sea from the comfort of your executive home office!    

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Host: David Gaddi 

David is El Presidente of Seo-Training-Academy.Org™.  A quiet private learning zone established unofficially in 2010, yet officially in 2011 which has trained dedicated doers from across the globe.  

David has trained and mentored a few high profile gurus, mini gooroos, and several wannabe gurus in how to remotely sell high value VIP SEO & digital services to High Net Worth People.   

David is a veteran omnichannel sales engineer and indie biz consultant who built a remote 6 figure per month SEO agency within 24 months by executing a distinct self created sales process dispatched to Orthodontist. 

David teaches everything he knows in a no BS way to those with the drive and the patience to listen.

Big Bonus: Mark Matus

NEW 2019- Diary of a 1% Income Earning SEO Pro:  Shake off the 9 to 5 and Join the Home Business Elite, is an eye opening short read and explains what smart & creative dedicated doers do to earn at coveted 1% income levels in this hypercompetitive industry. 

An excellent read for beginners, experienced agency owners, and dedicated media entrepreneurs seeking new ideas and proven systems, mindsets and techniques  for high performance business growth.  

Mark has a corporate background as a high achiever yet had the ambition, courage and the drive to transition into a successful home based Digital Agency owner.

Virtual Workshop Date & Time:

NOW 24-7

on this ViDEO workshop...

            You'll Learn             

The 5 Key Steps to Selling High Ticket Curated SEO & Local Agency Deals to High Net Worth Professionls From Anywhere in the World Via Targeted Email.

You'll Instantly Learn Penetrating Cold Email Subject Headlines Which Seizes the Attention of Your High Net Worth Professional Prospects, their Gate Keepers, their Ad Agency Reps or their PR Firm.

You'll Discover How To Easily and Quickly Offer Your Prospect a 360 degree Media Product and Branding Tool That Your Competitors Have NEVER Heard of Before.   You'll Also Learn How to Easily and Fully Create  a VIP High Ticket Media Product Offer That's Very Hard to Refuse.

I have a few quickPersonal questions for you!

Do you feel like you would succeed more in your business if you're
more outgoing and more extroverted like the majority of the high profile marketers
that you see splashing their faces and smiles everywhere online?

Do you feel like you can't build a solid reliable high income 6 figure or

1% income stream unless you are  polished public speaker gaining traction with the masses?

Do you feel like you are doomed to failure in your business if you don't

keep up with the latest and greatest social media platform and all of the
endless "trainings and tools" surrounding these ever growing social media hangouts?

Have you bought into the MYTH that a Prospect must LIKE YOU to buy from you?

Do you believe that a prospect will not buy from you unless they've

had at least 7 prior exposures to your marketing or advertising message?

I'll prove to you that each of the Myth's above 
​remains 100% false when you have
the right VIP sales process and deserving campaigns!

You'll Also Discover Exactly How To Instantly Kick 
Your Addiction to These Guys Below And Earn More $$
By Avoiding Their Congested Communities!

Instead You'll Learn Exactly How to Become a Low Profile High Ticket Profit Magnet By Creating Personalized Media Deals for High Net Worth Professionals Who Often Roll Their Eyes at Popular Social Media Sites like FB etc, and Instead Prefer Less Congested Digital Country Clubs like...





Trainees that I typically work with have never heard of these 6 Social Networks above and that's a great sign that they are good clay to learn and earn BIG from the strategy which is the center of attention here.

A Small World-Eleqt-Raya-The Sphere-The Marquee-Total Prestige-etc

The League


What's distinctly cool about this training and this  under-the-radar strategy is that it's NOT saturated nor widely known.  Yet it can be hidden in Plain sight!   

It's easy to execute if you're not lazy and the action efficiencies Plus the residual paydays can easily look like this...


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If You've Been Working Online and Struggling to Succeed as a New Media Entrepreneur With All The Saturated and Boring "Me Too" Products And Services, and You're Not Bringing In $150,000 to $300,000 per Year, I Encourage You To Tune in To This Eye Opening Video Workshop While it Exist.

Access our mini video workshop now and join us for an eye opening session that will change the way you think about growing your business by selling strategically to high net worth professionals. 

I can assure you that the Mass Affluent Market is the The Best evergreen market to sell too!  It's time to raise your standards and surge your profits and stop chasing the herds in crowded low ticket markets.

Whenever you Master this training you will have a high income skill and a real prestigious boutique agency servicing HNWI clients that YOU SELECT and INVITE to work with, and where the front end could systematically yield $3,000 - $12,000 per month clients.

Plus your 90-120 day Cross Sell could be $15,000 to $50,000+ and that's just the beginning.

But don't worry, if you like what you see during the short workshop you won't pay anywhere near 12K, 15K or even 50K to enroll for this limited training.  

And you'll never have to worry
about market saturation again and chasing
high maintenance low margin nickel and
dime clients.
Because you'll have a
high value low maintenance HNWI
client portfolio that you can sell to repeatedly.

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