This Time-Tested and "FOOL-PROOF" NEW Sales Conversion 3-Part Video Series

How to Funnel a World of Cash into Your Pockets with the New Sex Sells 365 Founders Partnership

Welcome to this 3-part video gold presented by David & the PREDICTIONS of 2 Psychics. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the short videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.


​You will not fully appreciate the magnitude of this offer until

you watch these 3 short videos in Sequence

Video One: The Beginning

​David Gaddi & A Psychic From New Jersey Named Patty

This short video introduces you to David the owner of this site, and his unintended trip behind the black curtain and into the world of crystal balls & million dollar visions with a Psychic in New Jersey name Patty.  

​Video Two: Skeptics Beware

David Gaddi & Yusef From The Chinese Restaurant on Christmas Day

​"...She's my secret weapon" says Gillian Oxley, who produces 100 Million in annual sales" Fortune Magazine.  Discover how you fit into David's "Lifeline" and psychic prediction of disrupting a boring industry for massive fun & profits!

Video Three: High ROI with new Sex & Celebrity Method

​David Gaddi & his quest for Quiet non Congested Non Guru Profits Strikes Gold Again.

It's time for you to make money and have fun!

video #1
The Beginning- Intro

In this short video, you'll take a short but powerful trip behind the black curtain and discover how you don't know what you don't know.  You'll learn why stepping outside of your comfort zone (as smart experts agree) is usually where the real MAGIC & PROFTS exist!

video #2
the middle- Skeptics beware! 
I was once one of you!

This video is all about a visionary named Yusef that I met on Christmas Day, and pairing A Psychic named Patty's vision with the visions of Yusef's.  Discover our best selling patented adult product and the exact setup we use ourselves to quietly sell worldwide.

Plus: Imagine the profit possibilities when you converge a 90 Billion dollar global industry (adult) with a 23 Billion dollar industry (bedding) with a 7 year sales

track record, skill and technology.

video #3
the end & new beginning

In this video, you'll discover the exact platform we used for raking in over $90,000 in a matter of days. You'll also learn how you can use this Sex Sells 365 strategy to carve out your very own 6 figure adult industry income stream by joining our limited prelaunch team & private forum community.

The forum has one purpose: To explicitly show each partner how to easily profit and earn a passive 6 figure per year income stream as we quietly grow our brand by expanding more heavily into domestic and foreign markets.

video #4

In video 4.  All in & Behind the scenes with the SexSells365 Exclusive private community platform, you'll learn how to put it all together.  

Check out the case studies to see practical examples of a complete (and very profitable) turn key video strategy that you can emulate for steady consistent

laptop lifestyle profits!

It's time for you to make real money online & 


Among many other powerful income producing strategies, this NEW CAMEO strategy is the REAL deal. In fact there is nothing else that I am as excited about TODAY.

​Recently I scoured my favorite make money online forums and NO ONE is talking about this platform and this strategy!

​Yet if you have higher ticket products or services to sell it's an absolute GOLDMINE.  

This is elite training by itself which is deserving of a premium price-tag because it has a wide radius of use cases if you have the products and the skill set.

"​SexSells365  The Ultimate Global Work At Home Cash Flow System: One-on-One Training & Partnership" 

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Our exact Step-By-Step easy to replicate system.  

Proven email templates to swipe.

Never touch a product: simply market based on our proven blueprints and earn consistently from primary sales, cross sales, repeat sales, bulk sales, and referral sales.

Proven Inbox Strategies Using G-Suite, Woodpecker, or Sendgrid.  Pre designed Chameleon High Converting Landing pages.

 Choose from Adult Themed Audiences based on lifestyle preference,  to traditional General Audience design.  

Quickly learn how to arrange wholesale account orders, Proven Templates.  

Piggyback a proven sales system which has already been active and successful for over 7 years.  Surge your sales by using our existing portfolio of testimonials.

SexSells365 Exclusive private community platform & back office.  This remains a limited turn key business opportunity and will close without fail on a first come basis.  

The right people for this are people who can easily see the big picture here and who I can get on the phone with when necessary and work with to ensure your success.

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Small ​Sample Testimonials to Clone for Conversions
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"When I saw your bedding at the expo I had to have two of each style for myself and as gifts.   I will tell my friends about this so keep up the great work"


Hans B.

Modern Bedding Worth Paying For!

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