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VIDEO Lesson #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals. 

13 minutes 28 seconds.

-You'll learn how to quickly lay the foundation to attract $6,000 to $12,000 per month clients at 20% + commission recurring paid to you monthly.
​This location independent email-friendly business plan is so easy to enable it will spook all  the shady, chest-beating gurus with all their funnel complexities and pointless soap opera length sales nurturing sequences.

VIDEO Lesson #2  Client Prospecting Mastery.

6 minutes 26 seconds.

You will quickly learn how you can easily use FREE and alternative platforms to gain YOUR BEST FREE SUPERSTAR
​leads for your prime-ticket sales conversions.
This entire business celebrates Quality not quantity.
​Plus once you become a member I'll show you a powerful hunting strategy that can help you bag $8,000 to $12,000 in commissions within the first 30 days of activating your first campaign. 

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High Demand Low Competition

Big Profit Margins

Recurring Monthly Income

High Demand Low Competition

Big Profit Margins

High net worth professionals invest in these campaigns because overwhelmingly they are premium level service providers with discerning customers within hyper-competitive markets.

Most rely heavily on a blended contact consisting of inbound telephone calls and online management systems to produce the best business continuity, the best referrals and highest paying customers who possess very high ticket lifetime customer value.   

​Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants are proven the most receptive to Best of and Top List campaigns.  

In fact, with this HNWI sales model -- you'll only need 5-7 strategic sales to build a business that makes over $100,000/year in profits.

[Luke] I can’t believe it.

[Yoda] That is why you fail"

Star Wars.

  It always seems impossible until You Do it!

All insertion orders and sales efficiencies displayed on this page come from the exact same sales formula taught within this course. 

This training is designed in a fat free way to accelerate confidence and profits. Once you gain more confidence, savvy, and activate more techniques and related resources you can quickly scale up your boutique agency from $100K to $200K to $300K -- and beyond.

​This is not a theory, my best trainee built a $300,000 per year

​business within 2 years by working a highly effective strategy that I mapped out for him which involves interns.  

​As a personalized service I can also map this out for you from A-Z upon request.  

The organizing principle of this entire high net worth professional sales process is to gain and retain a lean yet valuable ultra-personalized high ticket cash flow portfolio. 

​Until most recently these types of Best of and Top List deals were the primary domain of Ad Agencies and PR Firms and inside sales divisions of publishers.

​This particular training module was originally built for working marketing executives at our $2,500 per month private training level.  

​Designed for media entrepreneurs who could realistically see themselves taking home $2,500 -$3,000+ per week as smarter better compensated location independent inside sales pros.  

Recurring Monthly Income Explained

The average deal payout hovers between 20% to 25% commission on the total deal amount.  In the example deal above $28,800 in profit to (you) the boutique agency business owner represents a 20% payout on a $144,000 or $12,000 per month annual contract.  

Because the deal is an installment deal which is paid on a monthly basis, the payout triggers after the client pays their invoice. ​  Welcome recurring Monthly Income for the duration of the contract.

But that's not all, I'll train you how to motivate your client to pay upfront in full for the entire calendared media campaign amount​​​ which can activate cash flow windfalls that you've might not experienced before in business.  

Course Descriptions for Final Lessons 3 - 6

VIDEO Lesson #3  Campaign Positioning Mastery.

6 minutes 15 seconds

In this video, you'll discover our exact campaign positioning strategy which can be applied to a broad spectrum of media and niches.

Plus you will quickly learn how to gain repeated success and avoid failure while creating Best of & Top List World class campaigns for Prime Ticket clients.

Because it's been proven that once you've mastered one you've mastered all 3.

VIDEO Lesson #4  Exact Email Subject Formula Mastery.  7 minutes 51 seconds

In this video you instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities throughout a WIDE radius of categories, plus leverage high ticket influence to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates. 

​Like many other techniques, this is a technique vulnerable to abuse from spammers.   But I'll show you how to do it and encourage you to activate this powerful technique in ways that are 100% congruent with your offer, not in a gimmicky or spammy way. 

​Lesson 4 -Exact email subject formula mastery-Side Note

Critical because if your emails are NOT opened and READ

you've got ZERO SHOT at quickly selling prime-ticket deals, and that's

 what this advanced remote sales technique training is all about.  


​One of my private consulting clients, a KING sized jerk to be

honest, used this exact technique paired with My Personal Help

to bag  a very high value client who previously NEVER

replied to any of King jerk's prior emails.

The Ultimate Remote Result?

A 7.3 million dollar multi year aircraft parts and maintenance

contract sale to a company based in Venezuela.  

​If you're smart and sell any high quality product or

service this lesson alone can be worth Millions!

I've earned over 7 figures remotely from


with cold targeted email​.  

The Deal is always front and center.   

I've trained others to do the same and if we can do it you can do it too!  

​Why?  because I teach you what I know, you simply have to do it! 

There's Plenty of Room at The Top, 

It's the Bottom that's Crowded!  

The problem is MOST people who say they want bigger

levels of success in life and business won't ever know how earning at

the top levels feels because they insist

​on staying in their comfort zone and recoil at trying new things,

and most are just plain lazy.

All meaningful roads of remote high ticket sales lead to email.

The Inconspicuous Yet Powerful

Best of &Top List Sales System Trusted By

VIDEO #5  Exact Cold Email Opener Script Prospect Mastery.  5 minutes 42 seconds

Attention spans are at and all time low and most people these days have the attention span of a gnat.  But paired with lesson 4 this lesson delivers a powerful new and steady transnational income producing FIX!   

You can use a proven sequence of Private Invitations and a special framing to sell high income deals in a predictive and formulaic way.

​Delivered to you on a silver platter.   You will quickly learn how to put the power of Genuine Extreme Scarcity to work for you to make your life richer and richer.   Did I say richer?  I did.  

​This lesson is what drives your Prime Ticket sales results. Beyond the video lesson I'll share with you a powerful tactic which I pair with email which presells the campaigns with regularity.  

This lesson paired with lesson 6 below will transform you into an under-the-radar international email income expert.

VIDEO Lesson #6   ​Global Brands, Celebrity &VIP Sales Conversion Mastery. ​23 minutes 31 seconds

In this video instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities and global brands to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates so it's congruent to your conversion message and well received by your prospect.  

Critical intelligence because if your emails are not opened and READ, you've got ZERO shot at quickly selling prime-ticket deals, and that's what this training is all about.  If you're smart, and sell any high ticket quality product or service this lesson alone can be worth millions to you in sales and profits and that's Not an exaggeration.   

​I've earned over 7 figures with cold targeted email as my opener to prospects and so can you.  All meaningful roads lead to email!

This video training is supported by My Personal Help via private workshops and covers Prime Ticket money making email marketing strategies which are extraordinarily effective and have never been published.



​This Exclusive Offer Will Not Last Forever!

Remote Tailored High Ticket Sales -For the Mass Affluent Market

Over 50 million people and growing

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating Top List & Top Level SEO​

and Digital Agency campaigns for high net worth professionals...

and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming?

It's time to realize that this sector represents a massive advantage for you.

Just learn the simple techniques for creating irresistible 360-degree

media campaigns for high net worth professionals.  

You'll gain superior HNWI conversion confidence paired with a knowledge asset

that you can easily use in over 100 niches and proven business categories to

create a quiet $150,000 -$300,000 per year income.


What You'll Learn in this 6-Part Course

That Will Give You a  Globalized High Income Skill



The Best High Net Worth Professional Clients to Target For Maximum Profit

​Learn how to target and convert ideal high net worth people in over 50  professions using free tools only.


The Recipe

Copy our exact recipe for creating high converting 360-degree media campaigns for each and every high net worth individual professional category!  Over 100 Categories.


The Forgotten Key

​Learn about the one aspect of high income professional salesmanship that is extremely important, but overlooked by your competitors.


The Non Traffic Advantage

​See how you can make $150,000 -$300,000 per year from home without any traffic from anywhere by using our musical chairs method of high ticket curated campaign conversion razor's edge lead gen.

I Can Assure You That a Portfolio of
High Ticket Residual Income Deals
 Eliminates All Depression!


​Because ...

"The Best Natural Antidepressant is a quiet 6 figure per month autopay

 income enabled by skill and technology" David Gaddi


Truth Bomb, Behind The Scenes of My Private Consulting Practice & Extreme Value Bomb

​One of My Consulting Clients Dispatched A High Octane Version of

This Formula to Sell Over $7 Million Worth of Business in The Form

​of an Aircraft Parts & Multi year Maintenance Contract.  

This to a Company In South America Which Always Ignored My Clients

Emails Before My Intervention in His High Ticket Sales Campaign.  

A Personalized Combination of Lessons 3, 4,  and 5, Paired With a Creative

​Tactical Strategy Delivered The 7M Deal on a Silver Platter.  

For This Client The  Tangible Value of his ROI Far  Exceeded My Fee

Within a Compressed amount of Time.

I Can Assure You This Training Is Not A Waste of Your Time.

​You won't gain a 7 million dollar  aviation contract from one

​deal, but you can build a 6 or even 7 figure agency

​from this detailed training

In Fact, I Personally Used A Version of This Formula to Help a Start

Up Land a Multi-Million Dollar F&B Contract On A Global Fleet of

Luxury Cruise Ships.  Exciting Times.  This Same Deal Also Activated  a

Fair Minority Ownership Stake As My Success Fee For Helping Materially in 

​Cementing The Deal.

Open Your Mind.  Shake Up Your Brain Juice A Bit Because Profit

Opportunities Exist Everywhere.  

Usually It Simply Takes Smart  Collaboration and Teamwork

Because You Can't Earn Big Alone!

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Grace Weekend Warrior Mom

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Neil C ​Digital Marketer

"$14,000  in profit from 1 legal Services Client with 3 of your email templates"

​Peter T Small Agency Owner

STA Master's Premium Member

"David I worked Super Bowl weekend following your map and sending your pre formed emails.  ...by Friday I locked in a $3,000 per month client and the extra $600.00 per month in recurring commissions.  CS training paid for many times over."

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