Do You Ever Wonder Why Some Work At Home
Email Marketers & Digital Agencies Thrive During

Any Economy While Most Fail During Pandemics &
 Downturns - Plus Never Reach
 Peak Profits?

This Closed Door Beachfront Masterclass
Decodes The Easy DecaMillion Remote Process  
& "Hidden Advantages" Revealed  
For The First Time On Camera

You'll ReLearn How To Pre-Inoculate Your Agency
From Any Failure Virus in Both Foreign & Domestic Markets

New Video Masterclass reveals
How this world class Specialist Cancer Surgeon helps home based digital marketers sell high ticket deals to busy professionals like her!

Plus discover the advanced data driven Work at Home High Income Strategy, where you can earn over $100,000 per year from home without investing 13 years of your life in medical school or chasing transient, unstable online gimmicks for decades just to break 6 figures.

Masterclass Prequel Bonus Segment Reveals Exclusive Short Unscripted Mini Case Study

What you will Learn Quickly within this Masterclass

, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

20 Simple
Conversion Words

Learn 20 Simple Words that most agency bosses are terrified to utter to clients.  These words can surge your agency growth during any economy.

Hint- A Psychological Innovation that Covid-19 Has Triggered to your advantage.

Smart digital media entrepreneur can deliver these words remotely, via Email or Phone to Value Ladder Up High Income Professionals in any Niche worldwide.   Especially during a Post Quarantine economy!


Learn how you can activate today ... The Proven 4 Step- Blue Paper Beachfront SWIPE File & Mind Map. 

You can enable this for your agency anytime if it's on life support.  You can create your own boutique high ticket Managed Services Consulting business with this exact 4 -Step Blue Paper Mind Map.  It's very easy to activate.  This post Quarantine era is the Perfect Storm for this business.

This work at home Email Based formula is responsible for over 30M in global digital media sales.  

Uncomplicated this system is based on the findings of the Brookings Institution think tank. Go where the Money is!

The best think tank in the world.  

It's FREE to learn and can help you reel in 6 FIGURE CLIENTS from anywhere in the world today, and from the comfort of your executive home office!

Relearn How to Sell From Anywhere to Anywhere
Freelance Marketers -Pro Digital Nomads - Inside Sales Pros - Side Hustlers

Learn The Real Campaigns That Apex Professionals
Worldwide Pay Top Dollar For

, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay


This closed door Footage from the World's Best Island during national lockdown reveals the Pandemic Proof CAMPAIGN framework that you can use to UNboss yourself permanently - if you are a Part Time media entrepreneur.  Learn from a low radar high performing media entrepreneur who is under the influence of liquid courage (island beer), and unexpected stuck-like-chuck mobility constraints.  

He unpacks street-smart Remote Selling and high performance trade  SECRETS for FREE.  Some until recently were governed by NCND Hush Contracts.  These are confidences, techniques and mental floss facts &  hacks that you can now use to profit in your own indie agency. 

Tune in and you can earn like a C-Suite department head of a branded multinational digital media and print operation, which is what your Masterclass host used to be. Tactics revealed for smart work at home doers!

These are some of the Exact Behind The Scenes & "Hidden Advantage" Tactics used by prequalified agency bosses.

Entrepreneurs who have paid over $20,000 PER MONTH to access these strategies explicitly, and to revenue hack their new High Income Professional Sales Channels, in ways that most media bosses don't have awareness of. 
But you don't know what you don't know!


Gain the unique capacity to routinely and remotely sell high ticket digital services campaigns and achieve amazing results for high income professionals in over 100 business categories locally and globally.  

Though in this rare Masterclass, we show you exactly where and who you should be selling top tier media to.  You will even learn why!

                                            MASTER BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS

Learn exactly how to confine your energies to the more than 10 Million high income professionals, and focus on those who have access to at least $100,000 in investable assets to invest in their business growth!

Income Inequality - Competition Among High Income Professionals - The Race For Lucrative Market Domination Is Driving Huge Investment in Digital Media Sales If You Know Where To Look & Which Markets to Serve

, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

Masterclass Makeup

Dr. Ruth Estimar

Hey guys, thanks so much for my page 1 Google rankings which are dominating the pages. I'm busier than ever with relaxed and trusting patients from all over the world and my practice has surged enormously.


Great to know Dr. Estimar because it only gets better from here.


Mark is spot on Doc because your radius of digital media assets are designed to provide you with your BEST patients while you sleep.

Dr. Ruth Estimar

This is exceptional!

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Ultimately This Beachfront Masterclass will teach you
how to quickly
thrive and profit when you
Leverage This Proven Framework

, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

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