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, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

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I created Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ in 2011 after the successful private forum release of my first book
The Beginners Guide to Cashing in on Local Business SEO / SEM Vol 1. 
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, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay

This private learning and resource site is for quiet aggressive agencies zealous about selling VIP SEO & Digital Agency services to high net worth professionals.

 A market size in excess of 10 million and growing worldwide.

This site has 3 primary course levels of engagement, all involve my personal immersion with your business growth and planning at some level.

Because I've built my own lean 6 figure per month agency within 24 months by deviating from conventional sales wisdom , there's a good chance that I can help you identify and execute a winning sales system that can add an additional $10,000 to $50,000 or more per month to your agency.

Usually involving sales directed towards and well received by high net worth professionals.

When Stacey,  Anthony aka "The Fixer" and I started our micro agency, I became quickly frustrated with low -ticket- high maintenance clients who were consuming a lot of my time at coffee shops and at their businesses.  

I'm a bit ADHD and I dislike wasting time.

This motivated me to resurrect some of the inside sales training from my past to create and develop a remote sales system which focused on affluent professionals.

This shift in client focus cemented the foundation for a distinct remote high ticket sales system that I originally created for medical professionals.   

I found my greatest success in the medical industry with Orthodontist because I could relate more to them based on my own experiences growing up with braces and having to get them applied not once but twice.

I also noticed a pattern of ambition from my childhood Orthodontist which remained prevalant with Orthodontist.  I took advantage of this pattern of ambition and created an off-label sales process which neatly massaged those ambitions.  Eventually it all worked.  

These days I'm not in need of money.  

In part because of that era of my life and other opportunities
which extended from this period.  

The exact steps that I walked and sometimes flew which enabled me to build my agency rapidly, are as valid today as they were since I semi retired in 2008, published my first book, and started this academy in 2011.

Each step meticulously detailed within both Pro Deluxe and Master's Premium Edition Course. 

Did I chronicle "everything" in these 2 courses.  All the secrets, struggles, strategies, techniques, road maps, blueprints, and shortcuts?  No, of course not. 

Had I done that each secret, struggle, strategy, technique, road map, blueprint, and shortcut might be saturated by now, and therefore useless to you.  Undesirable.  

Plus there's no cookie cutter way to succeed in such a dynamic industry.   

But check this out,

Real Estate, Law, Hospitality, Banking & Finance.  These are very solid industries if you focus 
on the Top Tiers of each properly!  

Wine is an excellent industry, subniche of hospitality.  Hedge Funds,  subniche of Banking & Finance, just to give you a hint.   We deviate from the mainstream and maintain a deliberate low profile because it keeps us moving forward without the negative impact of market congestion.  

I've already witnessed how some forum lurkers and members have taken entire elements of what I've written and created entire brands around specific strategies, which is smart  and commendable.

So No, not all of the six figure per month secrets and goodies dwell in print or video training.  

The great news for you is that I do reserve and deliver those blocks of customized higher level income producing brain juice for paid members within our remote immersion one-on-one-laser consulting sessions.

That's a valuable ultra premium 5 Star Benefit of enrolling in this academy that smart people find investment worthy.  So no, we don't front load any of our high impact high income brain juice in the public domain, but yes we Provide short cuts, hacks, experience and specialized knowledge to our memberships to bolster their success and profits.  

More than enough direction exist within both courses for anyone to build a six figure agency, scale it to a six figure per month agency, and beyond.

In fact in some ways because of the clutter of social media and the maturity of many areas of SEO and digital marketing, it's easier today to sell to high net worth professionals if you have the right customized sales system and the right jaw-to-the-ground media product.  Yes they exist.

Updated for 2019: A multimedia physical home study course edition is available and gets shipped worldwide from Utah or Llocos Norte Philippines, directly to your doorstep.

For trainees dedicated to remote e-learning an award winning online learning management system exist.

All course editions are collaborative and include baked in personalized private consulting, strategic planning and levels of tangible immersion into your business from me and my team.

The main purpose of this distance learning site remains highest quality one-on-one tutoring and to provide trainees with a proven remote High Income Skill.  Most trainees are able to stand on their own within 2 to 3 months while achieving higher income producing results based on what they've learned here.

Attained by delivering quality income producing time hacks, unsaturated high ticket sales process strategies, and premium sales conversion resources for gaining and keeping High Net Worth Clients.

If you have been a digital marketer for 5 to 10 years and you're not bringing home at least $250,000 per year rain or shine and without you being a slave to your business, any training level at this academy can typically surge your sales and improve your life.

How?  Great question!  
The average STA™ solopreneur trainee begins systematically earning over $10,000 per month within 60 days of going all in here.

The average inside sales team with 2 or more trained sales execs can easily treble that monthly number whle both levels rely heavily on continuity revenue and first class cross sells to add to the residual income profit spree.

SEO, and Digital Agency entrepreneurs who are open minded, a bit unconventional where it counts, and dedicated to growing and sustaining new profit channels within the multi billion dollar mass affluent market; remain our best trainees. Worldwide.   

It's best to think of SEO accurately as it covers every meaningful form of traditional and new media, and is not limited.  

How you thread the needle between traditional and new media and repeating client satisfaction will determine your level of financial success in this industry.

SEO is the internet! 
David Gaddi,

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​Thanks David...Keith S

Who Should Enroll Now?

At the macro level any SEO or Digital Agency Boss in business
for 5 to 10 years and is not taking home at least $250,000 per year rain or shine.

Micro Level Below

SEO Service Providers / Agency Owner

As an SEO or Digital Agency you already know what a hard labor road it is to make steady decent money.  And the hunt to start and thrive is a minefield of conflicting advice, opinions and over-hyped or oversaturated products and services.

Inside STA™, wheather you're an SEO,  local marketing agency owner or head of business dev seeking growth or proven new profit strategies, we work with you to focus on the shortest possible path to profits based on what you've accomplished, where you are now,  and where you aspire to be ECONOMICALLY.    If you're smart and open minded We WILL get you there.

Pre Revenue SEO or Local Marketing Agencies

Clearly some of the best profit results I've cheerfully observed from trainees executing my advice since I began consulting and training are from Pre Revenue start ups.  I'm very pleased about that and I'm very opinionated about why that is. In two plain words "good clay".  

​It's amazing how much you can earn if you don't develop bad habits, pay close attention to the advice from someone who's been-there-done-that,  and avoid following the herds in the industry..    ​

Media Entrepreneurs / With Sales Teams

Historically our Media entrepreneur members are often people who have gained a level of sufficient financial success in the online marketing community.  

​Typically Media Entrepreneurs have more money than time and ​they simply seek proven monetary projects which are fully or partially managed which delivers high ROI and limited participation within domestic or foreign markets. ​

​Thanks David...Keith S

, Seo-Training-Academy.Org™ Getting High Net Worth Clients Clients To Buy Long Before They Pay