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98% of ALL digital marketers if not more have
No Clue about this proven under-the-radar high net
worth cash flow sales model!

Data shows that most online businesses
will fail.  This page will not help you if
you're looking to "get rich quick" or
if you need rent money next week.

Many websites dangle those types
of false carrots to amateur desperate online
marketers.  This however is not one of
those sites.  

If that's the frame of mind
that you entered the site with, this is
not a good fit.  But I'll send you a 
free useful gift via email for visiting
this site upon your site exit
because I'm very grateful that
you visited.   Seriously.  

I've been in that state of mind before
long ago so I know the feeling.  Plus by reading
my newsletters I'm confident  that you will
benefit tremendously from something 
that I send you soon within the newsletter.

There are many ways to make money online
big juicy money, and this is just one that most 
don't know about.

I'll be more candid

If you're currently earning $150,000 to $300,000
per year online you're already doing something
right, and this remote high ticket sales system 
probably won't appeal to you. 

But If you're not yet earning at those 
1% levels, I Promise to Teach
You Something Valuable Quickly
So This Won't Take Long.  

One more thing-
Cult deprogramming takes a LOT of
resources and effort to win.  If you are a member
of the "Print is Dead"cult, this is the perfect
place to exit this page.  

If you're open minded to 
constructive change which blends Premium
print with digital elegantly and profitably
then continue reading because

You'll Recognize
The High Value of This Strategy
Which is a Powerful
Combination of Both Print & Digital
You'll Recognize like many others
 How it Can Bring high ticket cash flow 
Stability Into Your Life Because it's a
smart way to earn more  while
working much less!

As Promised and delivered to you ...

Plus how you can get your share too!

Most modern marketers are clueless about what you're about to discover.

The ICE Cold Email Subject Headline that I used to rake in $288,000 in sales during a semi lazy yet thoughtful weekend is...

Yep, that's it.  I kept it  Super Simple!

If You Pay close attention to the 7 Strategic Words inside of the

 Cold Email subject headline above you've just learned

the exact cold email formula that you can use

to systematically land your own $5,000 -$12,000 per month

High Net Worth Professional clients.

 basic and Easy Right? 

 my trainees have used this exact same cold email

subject headline formula

MANY times to remotely land Prime Ticket Deals from 

high net worth 

professionals with


That I've written for them!

But guess what, there's more.  
That $288,000 that I raked in during the weekend from a cold yet targeted email
came from 1 client insertion order, & there's PLENTY more where that came from!

Read ON

But Getting Your Cold Emails "Opened" Is Just Step 1

A version of this powerful high ticket sales conversion strategy

that you're about to discover I co-created, piloted

then perfected with my remote sales team  

in partnership with these brands...

 Modernized Sales System For
High Net Worth Professionals

In order to expand the market size, deliver
extreme client value, leverage modern media networks, and Maximize Profits 

this entire original strategy has been completely modernized and

And that's why heaps of baked in psychology which is unique

to competitive HNWI (high net worth Individuals) already exist 

within the entire sales process that we teach for systematically
securing  prime ticket residual deals from high net worth professionals.

I'll teach you how to easily create Exclusive 
6 Figure Deals from the privacy & comfort
of your executive home office
That Clients With Money Will Gladly Pay You For
You'll Get This on a Silver Platter!

Despite purposefully flying

under the online marketing e-learning radar

for many years

The organizing principle of everything that we do and how we train remains Remote Prime Ticket Residual Sales Conversions

From a variety of techniques & strategies our trainees succeed primarily by quietly converting scholastic personality types in over 200 business sectors worldwide. 

Mastering this hidden-in-plain sight strategy places you among the business elite and as a high frequency learner and earner if you execute on the knowledge provided.

Dominating quietly in the remote High Net Worth Individual sales arena is the best "evergreen" market to be in.   Most online marketing entrepreneurs just don't know that and that's 100% perfect because it's more opportunity and business for those in the know.

Most remote media entrepreneurs are intimidated at the thought of navigating the mass affluent markets.  I would wager that over 95% of ALL digital marketers have no idea about this strategy that you'll discover now.

While everyone else is selling to nickel and dime audiences and scratching their heads in congested markets with an avalanche of Inbox offers weighing them down with analysis paralysis, trying to decide what the Next Big Thing is...

We focus strictly on the Mass Affluent Market which is a massive market size in excess of 10 million people and growing.  We do this because they have the money to spend, it's more money for less work, it's heaps more fun if you have the right curated sales system and the market is  uncongested unlike main street markets.  

Obviously there's a lot more to the high net worth individual Profit Magnet than sending a targeted ice cold email that gets opened based on a simple email subject headline right?  Yes.

In everything that succeeds Big in business, I've discovered that behind the Success, another "S" word is diligent at work. That "S" word in this case as in many cases is the word "STRATEGY".  

I've built a 6 figure per month SEO agency over a decade ago by largely focusing on high net worth medical professionals.   Curious to know my HNWI focus at the time?  

Orthodontist specifically.  This during a time when the Gooroo market seemed focused on leading the herds to "Dentist".  

Yet a minor tweak can be made when selling digital services to an Orthodontist which can be the difference between a $1,000 per month "Dentist client" vs a $3,000 per month "Orthodontist client", yet your work is almost identical but you won't find that info megaphoned around by the famous internet marketing honchos who have a steady habit of leading the herds to the same well to drink.  Fastest way to kill a method and saturate a market in my opinion.

Knowledge gaps, that's all this is.  Wealth gaps are knowledge gaps and that's why it's great to learn new stuff!

If you REALLY want to cut through the BS online and earn at the highest levels in the fastest amount of time by shaking things up a bit in your business, and by having a BIG OPEN MIND and learning how to Zig when the herds ZAG. 





Watch the short video Below

Excited Yet?
This Course is High Value...Because it
Maps Out Expertly How You Can Easily

Create a 1% World Class Income For Yourself
 By Creating & Selling 
360 Degree Top List Media Campaigns
Which Combine
 Exclusive and Top of The Line








Gated Events


Revealed Exclusively To Registered Trainees

The #1 Brain Problem with mass Digital Marketers
is they think that Print is Dead, and that blinds
them to this high income opportunity.  
Here are the Facts..

Most Digital Marketers don't know
precisely how to monetize print &
digital media imprints at the highest
levels for maximum
Fun & Profit
and faster more
lucrative sales conversion cycles.

And that's exactly
Why you need this exclusive training!

This Training
Empowers You to Have a Remote, 

Unique, Dominating, Elastic, Globalized
High Income Skill That Most Marketers
Don't Have And Dream They Did!  

It's Your Time to Become an Elite Online
Earner From Home 
While the Herds are Chasing Nickel &
Dime Clients in Crowded Spaces.  
Inside You'll Get These

6 Fat Free Video Execution Courses that

will reveal to you step by step how 

Earn $1000-$3000

per week + RESIDUALS without being a

Zombie to any social media.

VIDEO Lesson #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals. 13 minutes 28 seconds.

-I'll teach you how to quickly lay the foundation to attract $6,000 to $12,000 per month clients at 20% + commission recurring paid to you monthly.  

This location independent email-friendly business plan is so easy to enable it will spook all  the shady, chest-beating gurus with all their funnel complexities and pointless soap opera length sales nurturing sequences. 

VIDEO Lesson #2  Client Prospecting Mastery. 6 minutes 26 seconds.

You will quickly learn how you can easily use FREE and alternative platforms to gain YOUR BEST FREE SUPERSTAR leads for your prime-ticket sales conversions.

No need for FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.  Leave those areas for the herds.   This entire business celebrates Quality not quantity.

Plus beyond the video and under-the-radar via email, I'll show you a powerful strategic hunting strategy that can help you bag $8,000 to $12,000 in commissions within the first 30 days of activating your first campaign.  

VIDEO Lesson #3  Campaign Positioning Mastery. 6 minutes 15 seconds

In this video, you'll discover our exact campaign positioning strategy which can be applied to a broad spectrum of media and niches.

Plus you will quickly learn how to gain repeated success and avoid failure while creating Best of & Top List World class campaigns for Prime Ticket clients.

Because it's been proven that once you've mastered one you've mastered all 3.

VIDEO Lesson #4  Exact Email Subject Formula Mastery.  7 minutes 51 seconds

In this video you instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities throughout a WIDE radius of categories, plus leverage high ticket influence to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates.

Like many other techniques, this is a technique vulnerable to abuse from spammers.   But I'll show you how to do it and encourage you to activate this powerful technique in ways that are 100% congruent with your offer, not in a gimmicky or spammy way. 

Critical intelligence because if your emails are NOT opened and READ you've got ZERO SHOT at quickly selling prime-ticket deals, and that's what this advanced remote sales technique training is all about.   One of my trainees used this exact technique to bag a prospect who would never open his emails before.

The result? A multimillion dollar aircraft parts and maintenance contract sale to a buyer in Venezuela.

If you're smart and sell any high quality product or service this lesson alone can be worth Millions!

I've earned over 7 figures remotely from TOTAL STRANGERS with cold targeted email.   I've trained others to do the same and if we can do it you can do it too!  

Why? because I teach you what I know, you simply have to do it!  There's Plenty of Room at The Top, It's the Bottom that's Crowded!

All meaningful roads of remote high ticket sales lead to email.  

VIDEO #5  Exact Cold Email Opener Script Prospect Mastery.  5 minutes 42 seconds

Attention spans are at and all time low and most people these days have the attention span of a gnat.  But paired with lesson 4 this lesson delivers a powerful new and steady transnational income producing FIX!   

You can use a proven sequence of Private Invitations and a special framing to sell high income deals in a predictive and formulaic way.

Delivered to you on a silver platter.   You will quickly learn how to put the power of Genuine Extreme Scarcity to work for you to make your life richer and richer.   Did I say richer?  I did.  

This lesson is what drives your Prime Ticket sales results. Beyond the video lesson I'll share with you a powerful tactic which I pair with email which presells the campaigns with regularity.  

This lesson paired with lesson 6 below will transform you into an under-the-radar international email income expert.

VIDEO Lesson #6   Global Brands, Celebrity &VIP Sales Conversion Mastery. 23 minutes 31 seconds

In this video instantly learn how you can leverage popular celebrities and global brands to CONSISTENTLY surge your email open rates so it's congruent to your conversion message and well received by your prospect.  

Critical intelligence because if your emails are not opened and READ, you've got ZERO shot at quickly selling prime-ticket deals, and that's what this training is all about.  If you're smart, and sell any high ticket quality product or service this lesson alone can be worth millions to you in sales and profits and that's Not an exaggeration.   

I've earned over 7 figures with cold targeted email as my opener to prospects and so can you.  All meaningful roads lead to email.  

This video training is supported by My Personal Help via private workshops and covers Prime Ticket money making email marketing strategies which are extraordinarily effective and have never been published.

Be among the limited doers who will learn 
how to Master the art of quickly creating and selling
Big League media deals to high net worth professionals

You'll learn how to Easily &
Systematically Earn Big by Doing This For
High Net Worth Professional Clients

I Co-Created the Original
Method For Major Brands
Plus Updated 
and Improved the Current Formula
For Modern Media Entrepreneurs
That's Important to Know because

There's A Right Way And A Wrong Way
To Put These Deals Together.

The Wrong Way

High maintenance low ticket one -time sales consisting of aspirational Top list professionals who need the business from your 360-degree campaign to stay afloat.  Undesirable. 

The Right Way

High ticket monthly recurring sales with proven $10,000 to $50,000

cross selling add-on sequences from business owners with a high enough degree of existing success. They don't need your campaign but want it.  They invest in the campaign for the prestige legacy factor and the add-ons that we dive deeper into during the training.

You'll learn how to 
Systematically Earn Like A Boss At This Level Below & 
from the privacy of your executive home office.

About the Course Creator

David is El Presidente of Seo-Training-Academy.Org™.  A purposefully quiet online marketing private school established in 2011 which has trained dedicated doers from across the globe.  

David has trained, tutored, and mentored a few high profile gurus, mini gooroos, and several wannabe gurus in how to remotely sell high value VIP SEO & digital services to High Net Worth Clients and how to increase profits often in the 1900% range. 

David is a veteran omnichannel sales engineer and indie biz consultant who built a 6 figure per month SEO agency within 24 months 

by executing a distinct self created outbound sales process aimed at medical industry professionals. 

But it wasn't always champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

A near death experience involving gun-play while active for a private military company in a 3rd world country caused David to defect into a life with higher profits and less danger.

David teaches everything he knows in a no BS way to those with the courage and drive to learn.

Sometimes A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
With Crown Strategy You'll Learn
Exactly How to Consistently Create These
Scenes for Yourself..

                                              Click to Enlarge                                             6 Powerful lessons exist in the course Including  Special Hidden-From-the-Prying- Eyes of the Masses Bonuses
Exclusive Training

Zero Mass Prying Eyes

                                                             Click to Enlarge                                                            You get worksheets, PDF transcripts,   audio files, and video action Lessons!Limited Training Available

Plus if you really dig your heels in with this strategy
I'll teach you exactly how to earn more income than the average Surgeon

And it won't take you the years of schooling nor the thousands of dollars in expense to earn at the higher income levels.

Because I can train anyone how to master and execute this high ticket sales system in a matter of short hours!

Unmatched Training Quality
Only 1 solicited Testimonial


A Great Course For Making Money Online 

   Diamond Dave 

Owner Site Admin BlackHatWorld.com


I have spent $10,000 on programs which leave me scratching my head going "now what? after I finish them. ...This is not one of those courses.  This is a step-by-step real world already proven process to make a mint in an industry that is always evolving and scattered..... that there is room for lots of polished people to make money 

Steve Kaplan 
Co-Founder MarketMongoose

Eliminates The Waiting Game!

"It eliminates the waiting game that so many SEO's agencies are forced to use with clients.. 

My first final impression after viewing all videos is that I wanted to implement the strategy as soon as possible.  I felt that the info was super valuable in the current SEO climate because it eliminates the waiting game that so many SEO agencies are forced to use with clients... I also liked the fact that I could watch and digest all the videos in one setting because it's often difficult to devote a lot of time to learning new concepts when it's not necessary."

Mark (AZ Digital Marketing)

3 email templates, $14,000 in my pocket...1 Client!

"$14,000 commission from 1 legal services client... took 3 of your email templates..  

..I've never been weak about closing but I've also never known it to be this easy dealing with this segment.  ....$14,000 in commissions using only 3 of your email templates.  David a $14,0000 commission from 1 legal services client. .... Very easy to deal with and it only took 3 of your email template emails.  Looking forward to more action like this and the 90 day $50K upsell option.  Thanks is an understatement."

Neil C (Digital Marketer)

Your Sales Page is Misleading!

“Your sales page video is a bit misleading 

because it does not discuss the video cover image with the boxing gloves nor does it explain why you 

compare Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc with your strategy.  

But after completing the course my brain is bigger.  Here's the big point.  It's not that big social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn are dead.  It's that crown strategy is a faster faceless better way to profit and package complete media deals because you are not selling yourself and you are never negotiating PRICE. 

......  ..... ....

You can easily find and target prospects for free online without any big noisy social media.   

This course is worth much more than your tuition because my first three clients are more than $3,000 per month contract.  All but one signed up for twelve months, the other for six months.  I wouldn't have thought of this method without your training.  It does remind me of something I used to sell when I was in college part time working at a call center but this is much better with email and much better $ for me.

Clint N (New Media Entrepreneur)

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everyone, time to pick a side!

Who is this for

  • People who have watched the video and understand the fundamentals of the campaigns.
  • People who are self disciplined and have quiet spaces to work in undistracted.
  • People who understand that this is a real business and not a push button get rich quick while you sleep software gimmick, that thousands of people have which simply don't work.
  • People who understand that just because you might not have the ability to spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising and media doesn't mean that there aren't MILLIONS of people in the world who can and do!

Who is this not for

  • People who have watched the video and still scratch their heads in confusion mainly because they still think that Print is dead.  
  • People who are lazy and don't have quiet spaces to work in.
  • People on the constant and endless search for that $99.00 push button 1 click software that will make them rich while they sleep.  Amateur entrepreneurs!
  • People who are intimidated by remotely reaching out to successful people, their gatekeepers, PR reps or ad agencies to build a high profit business that's already mapped out for them on a silver platter.  Strange!

Bonus Incentive Rewards for Doers!

limited time only Pre launch Bonus Incentive Rewards

Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Reward 

My Personal Help

This  is a special baked in Bonus for this training offer and it's a strategic planning session which gives me the opportunity to collaborate with you and give you a tailored analysis on exactly how you should move forward based on your strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Office Hours = Odd Hours Friendly

I'm here to help you to succeed.  Anyone who's ever trained or tutored with me is aware of my around the clock modafinil fueled work schedule.   I'll make time for you even if it's during odd hours and sometimes  weekends.  This accommodates established entrepreneurs and part timers who have smart money making action going on in the background or on the side while working for others.

I suppose that's the luxury of being stubbornly unmarried and childless.  I use my superpowers for business instead of  being a superparent!


Click To Enlarge

Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Reward Report- New 40-Proven Done for You Campaign Templates Pack

New 40-Proven Done for You Campaign Templates Pack covering the most lucrative professional global niches:

Some early adopters to this prime ticket sales system froze because despite having the desire and drive to earn big with this new under-the-radar sales strategy,  the print campaign creation element was a hurdle.

To remove all campaign creation hurdles we've provided 40 detailed high converting templates, modules and frameworks.

Now yours on a silver platter in PDF format.

Anyone can use this to expand upon and replicate to consistently sell prime ticket campaigns to  the most receptive proven HNWI niches  which happen to be: 

Medical-Legal-Resorts-Restaurants-Real Estate- Financial Services

Click to Enlarge

Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Reward Report

New Essential Legal Templates Pack For You And Your Print Publisher -Guide to Maximizing Profits With Remnant Ad Space Deals

This strategy is compatible with hundreds and thousands of niches and sub-niches worldwide.  

For example the Medical niche alone has over 30 different types of Doctors and over 100 different specialties.  

This is a global evergreen HNWI industry with lots of Prime Ticket money to be earned from smart work at home media entrepreneurs.

What's great about this strategy is that it does NOT take heaps of clients to join the 5% or 1% income earners club.  

Plus you can earn big with only 1 Publisher by using the Index Method and I'll  show you how to do it!

Click to Enlarge

Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Reward Report

Blind Spots to Avoid Strategy Lecture 28 min 11 secs.

The truth is it's much easier to earn a six figure income by selling six figure deals, it's simple math paired with common sense and the confidence to intelligently create an exclusive media product that appeals to affluent people.  

That's the central message & principle of this executive training product.   

In a little over 28 minutes you'll gain deep insights into what to avoid and what to embrace concerning blind spots.  

Money changes people and if you don't believe me you've probably never had any real money before.

Now yours on a silver platter in PDF format, video and audio.

Use this lecture to protect yourself from people who see what you are doing and want to cut in on your Prime Ticket sales action.

Exclusive New Bonus Incentive Reward Report

Get your share of the 500 Billion dollar global luxury market  

I've  done the heavy lifting for you inside this training by revealing to you in detail how to leverage the fame of luxury brands & celebs plus another key component to get your share of the $500 Billion global luxury market by selling holistic 360-degree marketing campaigns using the Crown Strategy method of high ticket sales. 

In fact this strategy is the shortest cut that I know to gaining a prestigious remote location $150,000-$300,000 home business selling curated media.

 I believe this is the easiest way to make a strong 6-figure+ a year income even if you don’t have a track record since the campaigns sell themselves because...

Your Remote High Income Skill Is Here Staring You in the Face.  On a Silver Platter! 



Answers to some frequently asked questions:

I'm not a technical person is this strategy technically complex?

Given that this is a launch special, what happens after the launch?

How long do I have access to the course?

Is there support for this training?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Who is this training for?

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